How to Factory Reset an Xbox 360 | Step By Step Guidance How to Factory Reset an Xbox 360 | Step By Step Guidance

Usually, you may experience specific issues with your Xbox 360 gaming console. In that case, you must know the methods to factory reset Xbox. Further, before offering your Xbox 360 device to someone else, you must take down all personal info. Scan this post that explains the multiple ways to reset an Xbox 360.

Firstly Understand the Meaning of Factory Reset 

A factory reset erases all information and configurations from your Xbox console. You will have to re-arrange the console as you have newly bought it.

Have a Look At the Methods to Reset an Xbox 360

reset an Xbox 360
reset an Xbox 360

You may easily reset your Xbox 360 by applying the given methods:

  1. Format Hard Drive to Reset An Xbox 360

The method to reset your Xbox 360 is formatting the hard drive. Remember configuring the hard drive is an irreversible method. After the hard drive formatting concludes, the factory settings on Xbox 360 return get restored.

Note: Before you initiate resetting the Xbox 360, find your Console Serial Number and store all of your essential files.

To Reset an Xbox 360, follow the below hard drive format steps:

reset an Xbox 360
reset an Xbox 360
  1. Firstly, arrive on the Xbox 360 home screen.
  2. After this, select Settings —-> System.
  3. Select the Storage option.
  4. Now, pinpoint your Hard Drive or Storage Unit.
  5. Tap Y on your gamepad to access Device Options.
  6. Pick the Format option.
  7. You will receive an alert that the process will erase all files on your device. Select the Yes option.
  8. Present your Console Serial Number. Press Done.
  9. Finally, the hard drive on your Xbox 360 will get configured and relaunched.

After rebooting, switch on your Xbox 360 to affirm that there is no availability of all data or files. If the procedure was impactful, you get directed to inaugurate your Xbox 360 again, like when the device was completely new. 

If you conducted the reset method to resolve a recurring problem, the console is again open to offer up. Otherwise, you may sign back in with your Xbox 360 account.

Find the Console Serial Number Before Resetting your Xbox 360

reset an Xbox 360
reset an Xbox 360

The serial number of your Xbox 360 is in print on the back of the controller. However, if it is damaged or covered up, you can also seek it in the system settings tab:

  1. To reach the Xbox Guide, tap the Guide button.
  2. Go over to the Settings menu.
  3. Choose the System Settings option.
  4. Choose Console Settings while the System Settings menu is open.
  5. Scroll down and click System Info.
  6. The System Info screen contains detailed information about your Xbox 360 controller. But you only require the Console Serial Number.
  7. Discover and jot down the Console Serial Number. 
  8. Lastly, push the B button on your console to arrive on the main System Settings tray.

2. Clear Cache to Reset an Xbox 360 – Better Option

Reconfiguring an Xbox 360 is a simple process. However, it is a massive step that remains irreversible. 

When you Factory Reset your console, you will lose any unbacked-up games, stored data, styles, and characters. 

Therefore, removing the cache on your Xbox 360 may be the wiser choice in many cases.

Emptying the cache on your Xbox 360 can solve several common issues. It deletes the short-term information and folders that get stored throughout the regular operation of the console. 

  1. To access the Xbox Guide, push the Guide toggle.
  2. Go to the Settings menu.
  3. Go to the System Settings option.
  4. Choose Storage from the System Settings menu.
  5. Choose Hard Drive.
  6. To enter the Device Options, click the Y button.
  7. Choose Clear System Cache.
  8. Pick Yes to verify the procedure. And wait for it to complete.
  9. Finally, refresh your Xbox 360 to see whether issues continue.

Suppose the issues prevail on your Xbox 360 after the cache clearing procedure. In that situation, you may attempt the factory reset option. Likewise, if you want to organize your device for selling or gift, recover all crucial data and format the hard drive subsequently. 

Make a copy of the Data Before Trying the Reset an Xbox 360 Procedure

reset an Xbox 360
reset an Xbox 360

When backing up gaming data on an Xbox 360, you get the option to transfer all files at once or one by one.

  • Transfer All Files Instantly

  1. Firstly, link your Xbox 360 to a USB or pen drive.
  2. Next, choose Storage from the System Settings menu.
  3. Now, pick Hard Drive.
  4. To view the Device Options, push the Y button.
  5. After that, choose the Transfer Content option.
  6. Choose a USB Device.
  7. Finally, choose the Start option.

If your external HDD does not hold sufficient storage capacity, transferring files is unattainable.

  • Copy Files Individually

You can also individually choose game files to back up if you want to.

  1. Attach your Xbox 360 to a USB drive.
  2. Choose Storage from the System Settings bar.
  3. Choose Hard Drive.
  4. Choose Games and Apps.
  5. Choose the game you like to recover.
  6. Push the A button twice.
  7. Choose the Move option.
  8. To remove the earlier version and save it to your external device, push the A button.
  9. Choose your USB Device and push the A key.
  10. Hang tight for the Xbox 360 to complete the backups. And tap the B key.
  11. Choose a different file and continue the cycle as required.
  12. When the process terminates, tap the B button to land on the System Settings tray.

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Conclusion on Reset an Xbox 360

It was everything about factory resetting Xbox 360. Seek the processes listed above to reboot your Xbox 360 device. However, keep in mind factory reset method wipes out all the accumulated data on Xbox 360. So, utilize the above ways to copy or transfer all the data available on the console.