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The killings at Gilgo Beach in New York have been a mystery for a long time.

Gilgo Beach

According to two sources inside the law enforcement community, a New York architect has been taken into jail in connection with the unsolved case of the Gilgo Beach killings. This is a case that is linked to at least ten sets of human remains that have been discovered since 2010 in suburban Long Island.

This is the first arrest made in the decades-old investigation, which spawned competing hypotheses about whether or not a serial murderer was responsible for the crimes.

The individual who was taken into custody on Friday has been named Rex Heuermann, according to numerous sources who spoke with The Star-Bulletin. It is unknown how many people he has been linked to having been murdered.

According to the sources, law enforcement officials were carrying out a search warrant at an address that was registered to him in Massapequa. According to the office of the District Attorney in Suffolk County, a court appearance is set for later on Friday morning.

According to the website for Heuermann’s company, RH Consultants & Associates, an architecture and consulting firm situated in New York City, Heuermann has been the owner of the company since 1994. Heuermann is a registered architect.

According to the website for company, “Throughout the years, Rex Heuermann has provided services to other city agencies, not-for-profit agencies, builders, developers, and individual owners of buildings.”

The interview with Heuermann took place in 2022 and was uploaded to the YouTube channel known as “Bonjour Realty.” He talked about his lifelong work as an architect and mentioned that Long Island was his birthplace and childhood home. In 1987, he started working in the city of Manhattan.


Since the discovery of the first set of female remains among the bushes along an isolated strip of beachfront property on Gilgo Beach, the killings have perplexed the authorities.

According to a joint news release, Suffolk County officials, including investigators and prosecutors, and the FBI will disclose “a significant development in the investigation by the Gilgo Beach Homicide Investigation Task Force” at 4 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday.

Officials in Suffolk County spent years scratching their heads over this issue. In the year 2020, they discovered a belt with initials that may have been handled by the suspect and opened a website to collect new leads in the inquiry. In addition, they uncovered a belt with initials that may have been handled by another individual.

The skeletal remains of a female individual were discovered in the year 2000 close to Gilgo Beach on Long Island, and those remains have been determined to be those of Valerie Mack.
20 years after the murders at Gilgo Beach, New York, the remains of some of the victims have been identified. According to the police, some of the victims identified had advertised their prostitution services on websites such as Craigslist.

When authorities were searching for Shannan Gilbert, a missing 23-year-old woman from Jersey City, New Jersey, in 2010, they discovered the first set of female remains among the bushes along an isolated strip of beachfront property on Gilgo Beach. The bones were found on Gilgo Beach. The property was located along the water’s edge.


By William D. Ricker

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