How to Remove Someone From a Group Text

Do you want to delete a person in an iPhone text message group? It is simpler than you would ever realize. If some individuals no longer have access to the iMessage group messages, you can delete them from impending chats. To learn how to remove someone from a Group Text, go through this guide!

Some Info on iMessage & Group Text on iPhone

How to Remove Someone from a Group Text
How to Remove Someone from a Group Text

iMessage is a popular Apple program that enables Apple users to transfer a message to a receiver.

Most of us are well familiar with the idea that iMessage is not your usual texting app. It allows you to do more than send text messages like communicating voicemails, videos, or pictures.

iMessage only works with the wireless router or the internet. Anybody could easily add someone to a group conversation in iMessage.

However, sometimes you might not want someone else to see your conversations with other participants.

The other reason could be that the other participant is annoying everyone in the text conversation. As a result, the best step is to eliminate that person from the group text.

Thus, the subsequent section covers actions that will solve how to remove someone from a Group Text query. 

How to Remove Someone from a Group Text?

How to Remove Someone from a Group Text
How to Remove Someone from a Group Text

Follow the given procedure to delete an individual from the group text on iPhone:

Select the iMessage Feature

Firstly, open up your Apple phone. The iMessage image is on the main screen. To access iMessage, tap on it.

Arrive At the Group Chat

Once you have launched iMessage, navigate to the group chat where you want to delete a member. 

It may be at the top for a frequent Group Text person. But if you want to bypass the group text, you might have to browse below the page.

Select the List of Group Participants 

Then, from the chat group section, tap at the top-right. Here, you will see a group of members.

When there are above four members in the group, you will view the option as five people.  If less than four participants exist, you will see it as two to three geometric figures.

Choose the Info Sign

Now, you can see three alternatives depicted parallel on the phone display.  Choose the third alternative. It is the Info (i) symbol.

Swipe Left to Right

Further, you will see all the participants in the group text. Choose the participant whom you wish to remove. And swipe on the name from left to right. 

Select the Remove Option

Finally, a pop-up arrives with two choices. Choose the first alternative – Remove. Accordingly, you have successfully deleted a chosen participant from group text on your iPhone.

So, the above procedure will resolve how to remove someone from a Group Text problem.

Remove Option Inaccessible in iMessage Group Text? – Examine the Reasons

How to Remove Someone from a Group Text
How to Remove Someone from a Group Text

If any of the four conditions arise, you may not get the Remove option:

  1. Less Than Three Members

Your group text has two or three participants in total.

  1. Non-Apple Device Usage

Anyone is operating a non-iOS device.

  1. SMS/MMS Messaging 

Do not get confused with the iPhone SMS messaging service. It uses the same bluish hue for its pop-up texts. Confirm that you do not use a Text or MMS group chat feature.

  1. Use of a Third-Party App

A member of the group text utilizes a dubious app or a 3rd party app other than iMessage.

Note: Know that everybody in the group conversation should use the blue iMessage feature. The standard green SMS/MMS group conversations will not work. Also, you must have approx three other fellows in the group chat (a total of four people) to catch the Remove option.

Steps to Delete Yourself from the iMessage Group Text

If you are in a group text on iOS from where you want to exit, take the following actions:

  1. Firstly, access the iMessage group text. Tap on the (i) icon underneath the profile pics.
  2. Finally, go to the bottom of the page. And click on the Leave this conversation option.

Method to Mute a Group Conversation in iMessage

You can mask the message notifications without quitting the chat or using how to remove someone from a Group Text process.  It will save you time and prevents a scuffle.

  1. On your iPhone, enter the group conversation.  Tap the loop with profile images at the top of the screen.
  2. When the (i) symbol appears, tap it to observe the group text participants.
  3. Finally, click on the Hide Alerts options below the group conversation. 

Steps to Block a Participant in the iMessage Group Text

If applying the how to remove someone from a Group Text procedure does not resolve the clash with a group member, you may block that person. To do so, seek the process explained under:

How to Remove Someone from a Group Text
How to Remove Someone from a Group Text
  1. On your iPhone, launch the group text.  Then, tap on the contact group on the top.
  2. Next, click on the Info icon at the top right-hand corner to view the group members list.
  3. Now, choose the person you would like to block.
  4. Pick the Block this Caller option.
  5. Finally, confirm it by choosing the Block Contact option.

Method to Add Anyone to the Group Text

If you missed out on an individual while adding members to the group text, adding them is easy. Use the actions presented below to count anyone in the iMessage group text:

  1. Firstly, arrive at the information (i) section. 
  2. Next, tap on the ‘+ Add Contact’ option.
  3. Finally, select the contact name and add them to the group.

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Conclusion on How to Remove Someone from a Group Text

We hope you have grasped how to remove someone from a Group Text procedure. Follow the above techniques to delete, mute, or block a person in the group text on your iOS device. Further, we have explained how to add a person to the iMessage group text.