ActivTrak Login, Employee Productivity Measurement And Management

A company or businessperson often wants the employees to be more efficient in their work responsibilities. They should be familiar with the benefits of utilizing employee productivity measurement and management software in their workplace. The best tool that you may access is the Activtrak Login which assists in enhancing work processes to remain productive. 

Study this post to learn everything about Activtrak, its sign-up, login procedure, etc.

An Overview of Activtrak Login 

Activtrak is a standard technology used to assess work performance. It helps to empower employees, streamline operations, and intensify confidentiality. 

The software is cost-effective and user-friendly, and the installation process is instant. Within seconds of registering, you can start the data analysis process.

Understand the Uses of Activtrak Login

Activtrak Login
Activtrak Login

Following are the chief uses of Activtrak:

  1. Remote Employees Management

Activtrak software is a decent option to handle a distributed or centralized team. It enables you to receive the data and knowledge to stay on top of things. The portal provides the skills and awareness to oversee diverse teams like you are together in the same workspace.

  1. Resources Management

Notifications prompt when certain factors get controlled. Activtrak software scrutinizes Bluetooth file exchange, network associations, and webpage access permissions for possible threats.

Activtrak responds to perceived attacks by taking pictures, showing notifications to users, sending email alerts to the login officials, and canceling the apps on the device that flashed warnings.

You are very able to grab crucial documents with those screen capture. Using the screenshot picture filtration tool, you can keep it hidden from anybody who has entry to your captured pictures.

  1. Employee Empowerment

Usually, executing a job without taking someone’s assistance is impossible. However, Activtrak is a simple mechanism for visually assessing and presenting the employees’ work.

The best user assessments on Activtrak help to uncover and reward diligent employees. The statistics accessible in the software works as an actionable and countable measure to demonstrate the staff’s professional development.

The portal upholds each user’s degree of involvement with the alerting sensor. Ultimately, look into those who are at risk of becoming alienated.

Activtrak Login
Activtrak Login
  1. Personalized Monitoring

Activtrak appreciates users’ confidentiality and creates a monitoring timetable for workers related to the total of their work time. 

You can disable monitoring entirely on different computers. Plus, keep adequate records on an individual or group basis. Making clusters allows you to contrast each group with the other.

  1. Safeguard Resources from Security Breaches

Activtrak identifies a user who tries to obtain confidential documents or implant adapters and is likely to involve in reckless behavior tasks. 

It allows you to identify personnel who engage in inappropriate activities in synch. Thus, behave immediately to preserve business assets and communication systems.

  1. Assess & Increase Operational Efficiency

You must know the location of your company’s limitations. For that,  operate Activtrak Login to understand what hinders endeavors and workflows. 

It assists in understanding the internal business processes from top to bottom. Finally, your informative choices will tweak your company to produce more while engaging limited options.

  1. Support Businesses in Decision-Making

Making appropriate choices is feasible via Activtrak. Software use and log data determine the number of permits you necessarily entail.

Performance data suggests whether the company is becoming successful or less efficient. Also, it helps in determining the causes for profits or losses.

With Activtrak, you can examine operations week by week, monthly or quarterly, and year over year. It supports strategic alignment and suggests methods to lower the number of overtime hours required for the same production.

Sign Up Procedure on Activtrak Login

Activtrak Login
Activtrak Login

The registration process on the Activtrak portal is free of cost and quick. Use the given steps to create your account on Activtrak:

  1. Firstly, turn on the internet on your device and tap
  2. After that, click on the Free Sign Up link at the bottom.
  3. Now, you land on Here, you get the option to register using your Google account. 
  4. Else, provide necessary details like First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Organization, Email Address, Password, and Country.
  5. Finally, place a tick on Activtrak terms of use and tap Sign Up. Thus, your profile gets created on the Activtrak portal within seconds.

Steps to Access the Activtrak Login Portal

After you successfully create your Activtrak profile, chase the following process to log in:

  1. Firstly, go to
  2. Enter your Activtrak ID or email and passcode.
  3. Finally, click on Sign in to use your Activtrak account.

Sign In Options on Activtrak 

You get the two options to log into your Activtrak account – Single Sign-On (SSO) and Google. 

SSO is a security feature that allows users to sign in to multiple systems using only one username and passcode. 

For the mentioned identity providers, Activtrak confirms SSO :

  • Okta 
  • DUO (with Okta as an identity provider)
  • Google Workspaces
  • Azure AD 
  • OneLogin 

On the other hand, all identity providers that facilitate SAML 2.0 function properly on Activtrak.

Forgot your Activtrak Login Password? – Reset It

Activtrak Login
Activtrak Login

Follow these steps to reset or change your Activtrak account password:

  1. Firstly, browse
  2. After this, present your email address and tap on the Reset Password option.
  3. Now, inspect your email for the Activtrak password reset link.
  4. Finally, use that link to make a new passcode for your Activtrak account.

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Final Words

It was all about Activtrak login. So, use the software to uplift your employees’ success, flexibility, and earnings. Also, track the procedure given above to create an account on Activtrak or access it.