How To Hide or Remove A Game From Steam Library

All about Hiding or removing the games from the Steam library, Do you know that you can hide or remove a game from the steam library if you no longer want to play any game? Steam games bought will be consequently added to the Steam library. Clients can see, introduce, play, or uninstall any game from their Steam library. Steam gives the choice to order the games in various classes.

Be that as it may, you can likewise hide or remove any games from the Steam library. There are many games that are not best for all ages which allow you to either hide it or remove the same from your Steam account. Now and then the clients can likewise conceal the games that they don’t play to limit the rundown of their Steam library games.

There is a distinction between the two things as removing or hiding the games on Steam library. Hiding the game is simply transitory and can be reversible, though removing any game from Steam will eliminate it forever from your list. The games which are hidden can be easily accessed when the user may want to use them but the games which are removed can never be played again except if the user is repurchasing the same game again from their steam account.

Remove A Game From Steam
Remove A Game From Steam

Steps to Hide the Game from Steam Library

Steam library list becomes tremendous by buying games or playing free games. Notwithstanding, you can hide the games which you do not want to play by utilizing the hiding feature. Well, the process of hiding the games in the library is quite similar when we hide any file or folder from our system. You can constantly see stowed away games and unhide games inside a couple of clicks. Steam refreshes its point of interaction as often as possible, so a portion of the means might appear to be unique later on.

1. Open the Steam client by double-tapping the easy route or looking through it through the Windows search.

2. Now snap on the Library, then, at that point, right-click on your desired game which needs to be hidden, and now pick the Manage > Hide this game choice.

Remove A Game From Steam

3. The step above will help in hiding the game from the Steam library. The users can access these hidden games any time they may wish by tapping on the View menu and picking the Hidden Games choice.

Remove A Game From Steam

4. The step above will provide the list of all hidden games. To unhide the game, click on the right and select the Manage > Remove from Hidden choice.

Remove A Game From Steam

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Steps to remove the game from steam Library

Kindly note, well the users can only remove the games which are free from their Steam library list as any game which is purchased or gifted cannot be removed.

Removing the steam games from the Steam library is eliminating games from the Steam account permanently. By eliminating we don’t mean uninstall yet deleting the game from the account. This was significantly harder to do before, however, presently it is straightforward and fast. Do remember that removing any game also uninstall the game from your system. Hence, to save the game for different records, then, at that point, you should take the setup backup of the game prior to taking the removal steps.

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The connection point for steam is refreshed now and again, thusly, the steps might appear to be unique later on. Follow the steps below for removing any game from steam account:

1. Open the Steam client by double-tapping the alternate way or looking through it through the Windows search.

2. Click on the Library, then, at that point, right-click on the game you need to remove and pick the Manage > Remove from account choice.

Remove A Game From Steam

3. It will give you an admonition/warning page with the subtleties. Tab on the Remove option to completely remove the game from your record permanently.

4. To get the game back, you need to repurchase the same from the Steam store.


Follow the steps above to either hide or remove any of your games from the list of your Steam Library. Ensure twice, before removing any game from the list as you cannot play again without repurchasing.