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Tidal Vs Spotify – What is the Best Music Streaming App for You?

Tidal Vs Spotify

Selecting the right music streaming platform is based on your requirements. In this post, we have presented a comparison of Tidal Vs Spotify. Read this post in detail to choose the best audio streaming app between Tidal Music and Spotify.

Tidal Vs Spotify

Tidal Vs Spotify: Similarities & Differences

This section outlines the commonality and distinction between the Spotify and Tidal Music apps. Thus, the main points to evaluate Tidal and Spotify are:

Free or Fee Involved

You can pick the free edition of Spotify that contains advertisements while playing songs. If you want to avoid ads in Spotify, a subscription is required. For students, it offers low-priced premium services. Also, it delivers Duo Package and a Family subscription.

The Tidal app permits free usage but with restricted songs choice. Its initial fee is $ 9.99 per month. Further, it provides good deals for scholars. It provides audio-quality based HiFi and HiFi Plus plans for family or individual membership.

Audio or Music Quality

In the Spotify apps, song tracks operate at the transmission rate of 320 kbps, 160 kbps, and 96 kbps. Being a paid Spotify user, you can play songs beyond 320 kbps. Spotify may release its HiFi plan in the future.

Tidal Vs Spotify – What is the Best Music Streaming App for You?

The HiFi plan of Tidal Music offers songs at the rate of 1411kbps. HiFi Plus package offers playing of songs under Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio of Sony. Also, you can use millions of tracks in HD quality.

The Master quality on the Tidal Music app (Tidal Masters) involves the MQA technique to direct streams at the rate of 9216 kbps. So, if you like listening to fantastic music quality, pick Tidal.

Availability on Different Platforms

Spotify is compatible with smart TVs, electronic wearables, touchscreen watches, Microsoft, and Sony video game consoles.

The Tidal app is accessible on Android televisions, iOS devices, and Sonos home audio and wire-free speaker units.

Tidal Vs Spotify – What is the Best Music Streaming App for You?

Both Tidal and Spotify goes well with Apple’s Airplay and Google Chromecast device.

Spotify delivers the Car Thing feature for its users. It is a touchscreen interface that allows you to play music when driving a car. However, Tidal needs to combine streams within Apple’s CarPlay. Thus, Car Thing makes Spotify the champion in the Tidal Vs Spotify comparison.

Content Share on Social Media Platforms

Spotify allows music or podcast sharing on multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

You can create a playlist on Spotify and share the links on different social networking apps. A medium is not social media unless it allows the Spotify content implant.

The desktop app of Tidal Music allows you to scan the social platforms of different artists. By linking Facebook or Twitter profiles, you can easily watch your chosen artists’ posts. So, analyzing this point, we can spot Spotify as the victor.

Tidal Vs Spotify
Tidal Vs Spotify

Design & Interface

Both Spotify and Tidal supply brilliant searching options, big prints, songs play commands, readable fonts, and easy accessibility. Here, the main point of distinction lies in the app’s attractiveness.

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In reality, Tidal captured certain aspects from Spotify’s layout and display. It is a fantastic and easy-to-use music streaming app like Spotify. Thus, in terms of accessibility, both Spotify and Tidal are champions.

Final Words on Tidal Vs Spotify

We can say both Tidal and Spotify are the best streaming services. If you admire good music quality, try Tidal. But if you need an enhanced songs search process, Spotify is a decent choice.

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