How to Disable Google Smart Lock, Step by Step Guide

We can now disable Google Smart Lock easily. Google Smart Lock is useful in consequently filling in passwords and marking you in across the sites and applications you use. Albeit this component is valuable, it has a few provisos that can penetrate your security.

For a PC without a login password, one can see your passwords by making a beeline for Chrome Settings > Autofill > Passwords and tapping the eye symbol alongside the password. Nonetheless, one requirement is to reemerge the PC login password for PCs with login passwords to get to your saved passwords in Chrome.

This is as yet hazardous in that when someone else becomes acquainted with your lord login password, they can undoubtedly see the other different passwords put away in Chrome.

 Google smart lock
Google smart lock

For whichever reason you have for impairing Google Smart Lock, in this article, you will figure out how to cripple Google Smart Lock on Chrome and Android.

This technique works for all working frameworks like Windows, Mac OS, Android and some more. Moreover, I have given the two best Password Managers to help you store and deal with your passwords helpfully. How about we get everything rolling!

What is Google Smart Lock?

Google Smart Lock saves the passwords you use across different sites and applications on Chrome to your Google account and consistently uses them when required.

Impair Google Smart Lock on Chrome

  1. Open Chrome program
  2. Click the three-speck symbol in the upper right corner to open the Menu
  3. Pick Settings or you can type chrome://settings/in the pursuit bar and hit Enter
  4. Select Autofill
  5. Select Passwords
  6. Unselect both the choice of Auto Sign-in and Check password

You have now effectively disabled Google Smart Lock on Chrome.

Disable Google Smart Lock on Chrome App

How To disable Google Smart Lock on the Chrome application?

  1. Open Chrome App
  2. Tap the three-dab symbol in the upper right corner to open the Menu
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Passwords
  5. Switch off the Save passwords and Auto-sign in buttons

What is Smart Lock for Android?

Smart Lock is an element that keeps your telephone unlocked in confided in places, when being used by confided in gadgets, and when on-body. This component saves you the difficulty of contributing your PIN, password, design, or biometric validation to unlock your gadget at whatever point you really want to utilize it.

The drawback of this component becomes an integral factor when somebody takes your telephone.

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In the example where Smart Lock is on, your telephone won’t separate whether it is your body or someone else’s.

How to Disable Smart Lock on Android

To switch off Smart Lock on Android, follow the instructions beneath;

1) Make a beeline for Settings

2) Tap Security

3) Look down to Smart Lock

4) Enter your Screen lock Pattern or Password

5) Impair the accessible choices for On-body location, Trusted puts, and Trusted gadgets.

Switching off Smart Lock can vary for various Android telephones.

Nonetheless, you can go to the hunt bar in Settings, type Smart Lock, and hit the pursuit button.

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Now that you are finished handicapping Google Smart Lock on Chrome, you should be thinking about how you will deal with your passwords without failing to remember them.

You need to utilize a Password Manager to store your passwords safely and profit them at whatever point you want them.


In this article, we have learned about how to disable Google smart lock. So after reading this article I must ensure that it would surely be easy for you to do it. Hope you liked the article and gathered information after reading it. Leave your comments or queries down the article. Thanks.