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Home News The new US visa policy may include violent settlers on the list

The new US visa policy may include violent settlers on the list

The new US visa policy may include violent settlers on the list

The new US visa policy may include violent settlers on the list.

In the event of a decision on, the process of blacklisting applicants could be more relaxed which could lead to visa applications being denied in the light of information provided by left-wing groups.

In the wake of a string of violent incidents, in which Israelis assaulted Palestinians from Judea and Samaria The US Embassy in Israel is looking into making the suspects blacklisted, Israel Hayom has learned.

The addition of these Israeli names to this list could make it more difficult or impossible to obtain an entry visa in the United States. United States.

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A move like this that is possibly unusual in its severity and severity, is an element of the new policy implemented by the embassy where those believed to be engaged in violence against Arabs or involved in inciting or intimidation to violence will be placed on an exclusive list. The policy is likely to cover a broad spectrum since it could include people who are not accused of a crime in the court.

In the normal procedure the application could be denied in the event that applicants are discovered to have committed violence or incitement to violence regardless of whether they were prosecuted or found guilty.

The new US visa policy may include violent settlers on the list

While the embassy has mentioned reasons for refusing to accept which could be in place for the rest of their lives however, it has only been utilized to a small degree against Israelis who have been accused of using violence motivated by nationalist motives. In the context of the new policy the interpretation of this policy could be more broad.

It is not clear if the policy change will be affected by the fact that Israel succeeds in joining the Visa Waiver Program. Both parties have been discussing the possibility of having Israel be a part of the VWP and it could be happening in the next year.

This new policy highlights the discontent among US officials with what they believe as Israel’s refusal to do everything it can to avoid conflicts among Arabs as well as Jews throughout Judea as well as Samaria.

However, the timing for this policy change – given that Israel’s Right will be taking into office after November. 1 election – could not be coincidental partly because of the violence that has been linked with cabinet ministers’ past actions.

It’s unclear what the embassy’s decision will be whether applicants are excluded under the new policy. However, left-wing organizations who publish reports on violence perpetrated by Israelis could become an authoritative source for the embassy which, in turn, could lead to a large number of settlement activists being refused visas when they apply for.


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