General Dynamics Awarded $5.1B US Navy Submarine Contract

General Dynamics Awarded $5.1B US Navy Submarine Contract

General Dynamics has been awarded the $5.1-billion contract to complete the construction of vital parts for the US Navy’s upcoming Columbia-class submarines.

As part of the deal the company will acquire long-lead material to aid in development and the construction of following five ships of the class.

It will also finance the production of the submarine’s missile tube as well as improvements to an industrial platform for the submarine.

In the words of General Dynamics, the advance purchase of critical submarine components is essential for the achievement of the plan.

“This award enhances Electric Boat’s efforts to maintain the Columbia-class production and delivery schedule,” Electric Boat’s official Kevin Graney said.

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“The strategic investments in the development and expansion of the Submarine Industrial Base will help stabilize and grow the supply chain, which increases manufacturing capacity, reduces risk, and ultimately drives timely delivery of submarines to the Navy.”

The contract’s work will be carried out on Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

General Dynamics Awarded $5.1B US Navy Submarine Contract

Columbia-Class Submarine

With a length of 560 feet (170 meters) in length The US Columbia-class of submarines in the Navy is expected to become the biggest ever constructed in the US.

They will be equipped with an energy core that will be used to power the submarine throughout its entire life span and eliminate the requirement for mid-service refueling.

In addition the submarines will feature the highest quality acoustic and technological sensors that will allow quiet undersea operations.

Additionally, they will be equipped by Mk 48 torpedoes.

“The Columbia class will be the cornerstone of our strategic deterrence, the ultimate guarantor of our National Security,” US Navy secretary Carlos Del Toro stated. “Our strategic submarines represent approximately 70 percent of America’s deployed nuclear arsenal.”

The Columbia-class submarines are set to replace the older ballistic missile submarines of Ohio-class.

The flagship vessel, USS District of Columbia will be delivered to the navy in 2027.


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