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Jennifer Lopez in a Crop Top Returns To Instagram

Jennifer Lopez in a Crop Top Returns To Instagram

Jennifer Lopez in a Crop Top Returns To Instagram

Jennifer Lopez stunned the world when she decided to delete all her social media accounts. Many wondered why. It appears that JLo did this to promote her new album. This shows her maturing from her 20-year old self. The caption of the video lists the tracks for her new album, This is Me…Now. It shows Lopez growing up from her younger self to who she is today.

Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful woman who has been around for a long time. She shows us what she looks like today compared to 20 years ago. We sure hope that we will look like her in our 50s. The above video has been liked over 500,000 times in the two hours since Lopez welcomed herself back on social media. People also comment on how they loved her back then and still love her today, which is something that we all share.

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Jennifer Lopez has done double duty as a performer and movie star. But it seems that she is ready for the challenge of leading the music charts. The above video gives us a glimpse of her new music. We can guess that it is the title track “This is me…Now”. The video also promises that the “music experience” will take place in 2023. However, there is no release date.

Jennifer Lopez in a Crop Top Returns To Instagram

Jennifer Lopez is busy with movies, besides announcing her album in the most professional way possible. Marry Me is her most recent romantic comedy. She plays the role of Kate Valdez, a pop singer who discovers that her husband has been unfaithful. So she decides to marry someone random from the crowd. Owen Wilson plays Charlie.

Jennifer Lopez continues to be a wedding filmmaker, but with an action-packed twist. Her next movie is Shotgun Wedding, which is an action/romance/comedy that sees Lopez’s Darcy marry Josh Duhamel’s Tom. The newlyweds are forced to save their friends and family when they attempt to plan their dream destination wedding.

Shotgun Wedding will be available on Amazon Prime Video on January 23, 2023. Jennifer Lopez will also star in the upcoming movies The Mother, Atlas and The Godmother. Wood Show. While we don’t know how she finds the time to record a new album or appear in these films and shows, we are certain she is keeping up her hustle.

Jennifer Lopez looks amazing in her crop top, even though she may be 20 years old in the video above. She is clearly still dominating the music and movie scene while also celebrating her marriage with Ben Affleck. Keep shining, JLo.

By Debbik S.

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