New Magic: The Gathering comic book Teases The Final Battle For The Fate of The Multiverse.

With the onset of TV shows and the digital world, comic books might not seem to be a major source of entertainment lately. But this is completely untrue for the comic book we are going to talk about further. New Magic: The Gathering comic book has been able to gain attention massively across the globe due to its launch. The comic book is issued from BOOM! Studios and is under news to tease about the plot further. 

The Gathering comic book
The Gathering comic book

The comic book teases the final battle for the fate of the multiverse which has kept the followers hooked to it constantly. While fans have always loved the comic book along with its game version, this came as surprising news to several people at once. The comic book was kept aside for a certain number of years due to the launch of the game based on the same plot. But it returned in 2021 again and since then has been more exciting than ever. None of the makers thought that the journey would be ahead so good and fine. 

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On the one hand, several fans await the amazing plot while on the other hand, several fans also feel nostalgic. The nostalgia is due to the journey and memories it has created with people across nations through a wonderful storyline and graphics. Even though the game, the plot gained the interest of many and received huge appreciation in return. Critics, along with many industrial members, have also rated the making and creation greatly encouraging the same. 

What has actually teased the battle is the art cover of the comic book. We do not aim to reveal any spoilers but in order to gain a much better understanding of the tease, fans are asked to check out the art cover. The official Twitter handle of BOOM! Studios posted the art cover on December 6, 2021, with a caption indicating information regarding the final battle. There have been several tweets and retweets further stating joy and happiness for the release and the launch. 

While the art world is declining when it comes to comics, people are hoping to see similar great works further in the future. Comic books like these encourage artists across the world to keep putting out their best work. The Gathering book depicts an excellent storyline and characters with an excellent mixture of different artistic nuances. The particular comic book has also been the reason for the success of the game as fans already knew it was going to be equally brilliant and fun.