Star Trek: Picard Shuts Down Production After COVID-19 Outbreak on Set.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected different industries worldwide on a deeper level. Several businesses, firms, brands, and sources of entertainment were taken down due to the huge losses lately. Some of the TV shows and movies also faced major postponement in the filming due to members testing positive in the middle of it. One such event occurred with the team of Star Trek. Here’s the complete news on Star Trek: Picard shuts down production recently. 

Star Trek: Picard Shuts Down Production
Star Trek: Picard Shuts Down Production

A lot of series and movies have been facing delays for months due to the positive testing of one or the other members of the casting team. On Monday, the Star Trek team faced the same issue after some of the members tested positive. The crew members were present in a huge number and this is assumed to be slightly risky for the future but the positive lining is that it might not last for months or more. This is due to the fact that immediate action was taken soon after the news of members being positive, which might not have led to the massive spread. Another good news is that some of the key senior actors including Patrick Stewart have tested negative and are completely safe till now.

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Early actions have always proven to be safe and secure, which the Star Trek team bravely did. There will definitely be a postponement in the release of the show but there won’t be a decline. Fans across the world are peacefully responding to the news hoping for the best. Many fans have also kept the members in their prayers and are expecting a faster recovery. According to some of the crew members, the delay is expected to only last for a few weeks as everyone has been really healthy till now. 

Apart from that, a major part of the show has already been shot so there will always be a huge room for the treat to the fans in the near future. Luckily, the makers were able to shoot a major part of the storyline without any risk or interference from the virus earlier. Speaking of further shoots, the makers are extremely positive about it. Although it is being said that more than 50 people interacted with the people testing positive, not a lot of them have been actually affected. 

Another piece of news is that the members have not revealed the number of people affected yet but it is expected that they are less. Some news reports also state that the filming will be starting in just one or two weeks from now. Let us hope this comes out to be true soon. 

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