Discord Token, How To Get Your Discord Token

Are you in search of your Discord Token? Then you must know accessing it is an easy task. For that, you require a browser. Plus, you can retrieve it based on a few legal explanations. Keep in mind that never share your discord profile token with anyone.

Discord Token

Below, we have explained everything about the Discord account token, its usage, and the method to locate it. So, let’s go!

Get a Basic Idea About Discord Token

A distinctive string of alphabets and numerals gets generated when accessing your Discord account. It is called Discord Token.

It is a kind of encrypted message transmitted from your PC or laptop to the server. It shows that you are the approved owner of your Discord account.

The code enables you to have complete control over your Discord profile. Further, it allows you to accomplish various activities in Discord.

Your Discord profile token helps you take advantage of the internet bots. Ultimately, the bots fulfill certain Discord activities to support you.

Crucial Things to Note About Discord Token

Always be cautious regarding your Discord account token:

Do Not Share Your Discord Token

Never convey your Discord profile token to any person if they ask so.

Discord Account Access

Sharing your ticket/token means permitting the other person to hold total authority over your Discord profile.

No Token Request by Discord Staff

The Discord team never calls or emails you to know your Discord code. Usually, hackers act as Discord employees and ask for it. Thus, never share it.

Method to Find Your Discord Token

Before finding your Discord account token, grasp a few things enumerated below:

Token Unavailable on Discord App

Firstly, you cannot retrieve the Discord account token via the Discord app on PC, Mac, or smartphone.

Token Only Reachable via Discord Website

Secondly, finding the Discord profile token is only possible by opening the Discord website via a web browser.

Developer Tools Unavailable in Discord Mobile App

Thirdly, the Developer Tools option is inaccessible in the Discord mobile app.

Now, check out the below steps to find your Discord profile token:

Visit Discord.Com

Firstly, open Chrome and type in https://discord.com/. Push the Enter key.

Tap Open Discord in Your Browser

Now, you get the Download for Windows and Open Discord in Your Browser options. Click on Open Discord in Your Browser.

Discord Token

Discord Login

Now, enter your credentials to log in to your Discord account.

Access Developer Tools

After that, you need to access Developer Tools. To do so, tap Ctrl+Shift+I jointly. Next, several tabs like Elements, Console, or Sources, appear.

Discord Token

Tap >> & Application

When you see a >> symbol, tap on it. You will get five more options: Application, Security, Memory, Lighthouse, and Recorder. Tap on Application.

Discord Token

Click Local Storage

On the left panel, several options arrive. Under the Storage tab, tap on Local Storage.

Tap Discord.Com

Next, the https://discord.com option emerges. Tap to open it.

Discord Token

Search Bar to Search Token

Search for your Discord account token using the search bar. For that, type in Token and hit Enter.

Tap Token

When the Tokens and Token results arrive, tap on the Token choice to retrieve yours.

Click Value

Under the Value tab, you will find your Discord account token.

Copy Token

Finally, highlight and press Ctrl+C together to copy your Discord account token.

Discord Token

Note: If unable to find your Discord account token within Value, tap Ctrl+Shift+M. Otherwise, press the Toggle Device Toolbar symbol in the Developers Tools (on the top-left side).

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We hope the above method will aid you in finding your Discord profile token. If you sense your Discord account token is exposed, instantly change your Discord account password. Modifying your Discord password changes your Discord code automatically.