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Home Local Man is accused of torturing woman in Oregon being held: Police

Man is accused of torturing woman in Oregon being held: Police

Man is accused of torturing woman in Oregon being held: Police

A man who is accused of torturing his girlfriend police believe is using dating apps to locate victims or to assist him in evading police has been arrested in connection with a manhunt Oregon police said.

“After an extensive [over a period of time] confrontation, Benjamin Foster is in custody. A press conference is scheduled to be held next week with additional details,” the Grants Pass Police Department announced.

Benjamin Obadiah Foster, 36 is wanted on suspicion of the attempted murder of a child, abduction, and assault, according to police.

Foster is a “extremely dangersome suspect” police warned the public via the announcement on Sunday at a time when Foster was still in hiding.

Man is accused of torturing woman in Oregon being held: Police

A man they suspect could be Foster was seen walking with an animal within Grants Pass. Grants Pass area Tuesday morning The department had stated.

“It’s basically an all-hands-on-deck type of task,” Grants Pass Police Chief Warren Hensman told ABC News. “We are focused on what we do.”

Police began their search in search of Foster the night of Jan. 24, following a response to a house located in Grants Pass for an assault. In the house, police discovered a woman in critical condition , who was “bound and severely battered into unconsciousness” the police reported.

The suspect was already gone from the scene prior to arriving at police but was later identified as Foster who is from Wolf Creek, police said.

“The incident was horrifying,” Hensman told ABC News. “This is a criminal who needs to be rehabilitated.”

Hensman spoke to reporters at an interview on the 26th of January. 26 that they’re still developing a timeline but he added that the assault was believed to have taken place over the course of a “protracted duration.” He declined to elaborate on the specifics of the suspect’s connection to the victim.

In the course of the raid on the home at the time, a woman of 68 years old, Tina Marie Jones, was detained for allegedly blocking prosecution. She is still in the custody of the Josephine County Jail.

The victim, who was identified by her family members as Justine Siemens, has been taken to a hospital in the area and is in life support.

“She is going to make it through this in the long run, as her entire family appeal to the world to bring her perpetrator in the court of law,” their family members said in an announcement.


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