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San Angelo Police: Black Ice Warning

San Angelo Police: Black Ice Warning

San Angelo, CA San Angelo San Angelo Police Department is reminding motorists of the presence of black ice that has accumulated on roads and streets, and the dangers will persist until Thursday.

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In a tweet on social media on Tuesday morning, the SAPD posted “The San Angelo Police Department is urging that the public to exercise extreme caution when traveling this morning. Due to the frigid temperatures, snow and ice have engulfed the roads and bridges, and they are expected to be very slippery. Be sure to follow the tips below

When roads are in bad condition because of conditions or other factors, the best thing to do is to stay in your home in case you aren’t required to travel to any place. If you are forced to travel through bad weather Take your time. 

Be sure to leave early if you need to arrive at the time specified and don’t hurry. Maintain a good distance from the car ahead of you to allow to allow for stopping. As you approach traffic lights, stop signs or a turn-off, you should slow to a greater distance backwards than normal. 

Black Ice Warning

Avoid steep hills whenever you can. If you notice that you are losing traction, take off the accelerator. Do not apply your brakes too hard, apply the brakes gradually when you need to. Also, if you are traveling, put extra heating layers and food, drinks and other items. in your vehicle in case the vehicle breaks down.”


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