Kakamega 34 Couples Join in a A Colorful Mass Wedding, Blame High Cost of Living

St Pauls Enjinja Catholic parish located in Matungu, Kakamega county saw 34 couples wed at a colorful mass wedding.

According to the priest of The church In Kaduna, the rising cost of living was leading more couples to participate in ceremonies of mass marriage .The church hosted an identical ceremony in 2017 when 71 couples stepped forward to be married.

There was a hive of activity in the St. Paul’s Catholic church located in Matungu, Kakamega county as 34 weddings were solemnized today, on October 23rd.

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Couples who were part of Kakamega’s mass wedding. Kakamega large-scale wedding.

The wedding of 34 couples took place with joy and celebrations from their family and church family members.

Kakamega 34 Couples Join in a A Colorful Mass Wedding, Blame High Cost of Living

Based on Enjinja Catholic priest Ian Kafuna, the high cost of living is pushing couples to have mass weddings. “I am able to tell that many members of my community have expressed an interest in taking part in mass weddings due to the expense to live,” Kafuna told Citizen Digital. A bride who attended the wedding mass Petronilla NgosiOtengo agreed with the priest’s views.Nowadays, people favor mass-style weddings. Many people had decided to ditch the idea of a traditional wedding with just one couple for mass weddings, because it is not necessary to shell out huge sums of money.

“I am appealing to couples who have not yet married in the past, to get married as soon as they can,” said madam Petronilla. The church also held a ceremony in the year 2017 where 70 couples got their weddings officially sworn in. Similar mass weddings were held in 2017, and 70 couples got their weddings legally ordained.

Brides Transported to Mass Wedding in a Trailer Resurfaces Kenya isn’t just one country in which weddings with mass ceremonies are getting more and more popular. In June of this year 200 brides were taken to the location of their wedding ceremony at the Miracle Center Cathedral in Rubaga by trailer. In the amazing throwback video, police officers led the trailer with the 200 brides. The couples were permitted to bring a matron, the best man and two family members. They also received an anniversary cake for each.


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