Instagram Disabled My Account, Here How to Recover a Disabled Instagram Account Within 24Hrs |2022

“Instagram disabled my account“Are you the one with this query? Well if yes, then let me tell you. Disabled accounts error is one of the most frustrating things faced by social media users.

There are several reasons why Instagram disables the accounts of its users. It is because you are also one of those who may have violated the Instagram guidelines of content or sometimes due to some technical glitch at Instagram’s end, the profile gets disabled by mistake or well Instagram is also known for disabling its user’s profile by the mistake also.

So whatever is your reason or cause of profile disable, the solution for all is the same. Learn here, how to reactivate, restore, or recover the disabled Instagram account.

How to Identify that Your Instagram Account is Disabled?

Well, the easiest way for doing so is to log in to your Instagram account, in case you see a message mentioning that your account is disabled then it confirms that your account is disabled and you need to recover or restore the same.

The message that occurs on your screen when the account is disabled is as follows:

instagram disabled my account

Measures to Restore or Recover the Disabled Instagram Account

Follow the steps below to simply restore or recover your disabled Instagram account.

1st measure- Appeal Option

Well, when the disable account error pops up on the screen when you are trying to login to your Instagram account then you simply need to click on the “learn more” option given below the cancel on the error screen.

instagram disabled my account

After clicking on the learn more, you will get the Appeal or request review option on your screen. Thus simply follow the instructions given on the screen for completing or submitting an appeal with the asked or required details.

2nd Measure- Submitting the “My Instagram Account was Deactivated” Form or Official Appeal Form

On the help tab of the Instagram account, you will get the “My Instagram Account Was Deactivated” form, thus simply complete and submit the same.

This form is required to be filled by the users whose account has been disabled because of sharing fake/misdirecting content or more. In the event that your account is for any other reason or by mistake by Instagram then also tries submitting this form to restore the account.

This structure is intended for Instagram accounts that disregarded IP or shared deceitful/deluding content. In any case, you actually can present the structure assuming you believe that your record was disabled unintentionally or with next to no justifiable excuse.

Sadly, assuming you violated Instagram’s guidelines or terms more than once then your account can be restored. All things considered, select the option of “I understand and wish to continue” and click on the “Send” to proceed.

Fill in all the details asked in the form and submit the form. After the submission, wait for the response from Instagram via email, Depending on the account the mail will ask to submit the ID proof or your photo as the verifications tap to restore your profile. The user will receive the mail within a few hours for which you may be asked to send your picture with the handwritten code which needs to be visible on the picture. The Instagram email will look like as:

instagram disabled my account

Then the Instagram will take 1-7 days to review the process, after successful review or verification, your account will be restored.

How Much Time will it Take to Recover the Disabled Instagram Account?

If the account is temporarily disabled then you can get back or restore your account by login into the account after a few hours. But if the account was disabled due to violation of the Instagram terms or conditions then you have to fill the form as “My Instagram Account Was Deactivated”. And it will take around 3-7 days for your account to restore after Instagram reviews your form and details s asked from you over the mail. Nonetheless, it can take longer because of the absence of commentators. All things considered, assuming that your account is deleted, you will not have the option to get it back.

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Why Does Instagram Disable its User’s Accounts?

Instagram also disabled the account due to the terms of community guidelines violations by the users and if you are the one who has violated the community guidelines of Instagram then your account will be the one disabled. Nonetheless, a few clients revealed that their records were disabled by mistake. Generally speaking, this happens due to the use of the utilization of third-party applications.

Can we Restore the Deleted Instagram Account?

No, you can’t restore the deleted account. When your account is deleted it is taken out from Instagram Thus, Instagram support will not have the option to recover it for you. Henceforth, you must choose the option to make another Instagram account.


Follow the measures as discussed above to restore or recover your disabled Instagram account, thus you need to wait for a few days to get your account back. Further, as we have discussed that you cannot recover the deleted Instagram account at any case.