Pope Francis spends night in hospital after breathing issues

According to reports from the Vatican, Pope Francis has a respiratory infection and will be required to spend a few days in a hospital in Rome.

According to a statement, the 86-year-old person has been having trouble breathing over the past few days but does not have Covid.

According to the report, he would require “a few days of adequate hospital medical therapy.”

According to the statement that was released, “Pope Francis is affected by the many messages received and expresses his gratitude for the closeness and prayer.”

According to a source with firsthand knowledge who spoke to the BBC, some of his most trusted employees, including security, are scheduled to spend the night at the Gemelli Hospital.

Because so many gatherings and services are planned for Pope Francis in the days leading up to the Easter weekend, this is the busiest time of the year.

There will be a Mass on Palm Sunday this next weekend, as well as events for Holy Week and Easter the following week.

In addition, it is planned that he will travel to Hungary at the end of April.

In the early hours of Wednesday, he presided over the general audience that he holds every week in St. Peter’s Square. He gave the impression of being in a good mood, but a scowl could be visible on his face as he was assisted into his vehicle.

The Vatican first stated that Pope Francis had gone to the hospital for a routine checkup that had been booked in advance; however, this explanation has been called into question by the Italian media after a previously scheduled television appearance was abruptly postponed.

In light of the recent developments, Vice President Joe Biden has requested that people offer a “extra prayer” for the health of Pope Francis.

Mr. Biden, who is only the second Roman Catholic to be chosen leader of the US, referred to the pontiff as one of the “most Christ-like persons I’ve ever met.” Mr. Biden is only the second Roman Catholic to be elected leader of the US.

The citizens of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the city in which the Pope was born and raised, expressed their emotions to the Reuters news agency. Daniel Saco, a certain individual, was quoted as saying that the Pope “must examine himself whether he can continue.”

According to Victoria Veira, who is originally from Brazil but now lives in the United States, “it is really upsetting because, as a Latin American, I feel represented by this Pope, who is very open-minded and human.”

Anibal Pizelle, who first met Pope Francis when he was serving as the bishop of Buenos Aires, expressed her confidence that the Pope would make a full recovery because he is “physically and mentally strong” and a “person with immense faith.”

Because of mobility issues caused by his knee, the Pope has been seen using a wheelchair more frequently in recent months.

In the year 2021, he also had surgery to correct a condition affecting his colon. In January, he reported that the problem was once again present.

In spite of his health problems, Pope Francis has continued his busy schedule and even traveled to other countries. In the month of February, he traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo as well as South Sudan.

In January, Pope Francis presided at the funeral of Pope Benedict XVI, his predecessor. Pope Benedict XVI was the first pope in centuries to voluntarily resign from his position as leader of the Catholic Church. He explained that this was because of his poor health.

In the past, Pope Francis has given indications that, in the event that his health deteriorates, he may likewise decide to follow in Benedict’s footsteps and abdicate the papacy.


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