Injured Bills player is reminded to Cincinnati in Kansas City: Football’s just an activity

It’s simply it’s a game. On Monday night, we saw how many NFL players put themselves in danger as millions of fans at home , and tens of thousands of others in the crowd witnessed in horror as medical professionals took lifesaving measures for Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin 24, a sixth-round pick from the University of Pittsburgh in the 2021 NFL draft.

The terrifying image of Hamlin falling to the ground on the field at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati shook fans of football all the way from Buffalo all the way to Kansas City. Hamlin was clearly distressed was transported in an ambulance for treatment at Cincinnati Medical Center. At the time of his arrival, Hamlin was in critical condition for more than an hour after collapsing as per NFL officials.

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The game was suspended during the first quarter, then delayed to the next quarter, which is what it should have been. In the nick of time, it was evident from the emotions of the players in the stadium that the situation of Hamlin was extremely difficult.

When we were in Kansas City, we took great interest in the game of Bengals along with the Bills. Both teams have been viewed as recent foes for the Chiefs. Buffalo was at Kansas City’s heels to get the most impressive performance of the AFC and the advantage of playing at home throughout the playoffs. This is all irrelevant to the present.

The Chiefs fans need to be aware of this sad event as the regular season draws close to an end. Football is a great way to entertain yourself. Absolutely, you should be a fan of the team that is home.

But let’s remember to always keep sports in their proper perspective: The significance of a football game, even one quarterbacked by a once-and-a-generational talent like the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, isn’t a matter of life and death.



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