House Republicans have a real choices: Kevin McCarthy for speaker or chaos

As January. 3 draws near it’s crucial to House Republicans to be aware of their current situation.

Due to the small majority, a small number of House Republicans thought they had the chance to pressure the remainder of the conference, and force their will on the conference by refusing to support the conference’s preferred speaker.

Eighty five percent of the House Republican Conference (188-31) chose Kevin McCarthy over the current top critic.

A majority of McCarthy’s non-McCarthy colleagues (at minimum 21 of 31) have already accepted that the majority be in control and McCarthy is on track to get the votes needed to be elected speaker in January. 3.

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It only takes five people to create chaos. It would be five trying to coerce 214 more members.

In his inaugural address in 1861 the The President Abraham Lincoln warned against the invariably destructive precedent this conduct sets for us.

As Lincoln stated: “If a minority will secede rather than acquiesce, they make a precedent which, in turn, will divide and ruin them; for a minority of their own will secede from them whenever a majority refuses to be controlled by such a minority.”

The notion that five of the members in a tiny majority has the moral right to exercise their power to force more than 200 members of their group is a fundamentally destructive and insanity.

The group of hardliners is trying to come up with some sensible demands to ultimately support the House GOP Conference’s nominee for speaker.

However the Speaker nominee McCarthy and his team have to be able to come up with the most creative way to bring rebels back to the fold, without causing a stir among the other members of the House GOP and creating a new group that is compelled to exercise the five-vote muscle.

There’s plenty of time to stifle the current sound and come to a reasonable agreement with a few reasonable adjustments.

A different outcome would be an unforgiving outcome and a disaster for both this House Republican Party and for the United States.



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