Woman Takes Mom on Honeymoon After Fiance Dumps Her the Day Before the Wedding

Would you respond if your fiancé  was to walk away from you on the day prior to the wedding?

Do you want to sulk or do you get the ultimate retribution? TikTok creator Lacie Gooch (@laciiiegeesrna) certainly started living life to the fullest following an unforgiving heartbreak. Read on to learn how she was fortunate after her fiancé called the wedding off.

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It was just a few days away from their wedding day, and their honeymoon was booked and was paid for from his parents. Therefore, Lacie chose to take advantage of this and travel. She took her mother to join her. “We had the best time,” she declared. However, it wasn’t the only thing Lacie did. Hoping for an exchange, Lacie brought her engagement wedding ring and wedding band to her jewelry shop post-honeymoon. “They offered me one penny back, but not so much as he had told I he bought the item, but that’s still a lying that he has previously told to me.” the woman added.

She then used funds made from her wedding band and engagement ring sales to pay for a trip on her own in Virgin Islands. Virgin Islands.

Woman Takes Mom on Honeymoon After Fiance Dumps Her the Day Before the Wedding
Woman Takes Mom on Honeymoon After Fiance Dumps Her the Day Before the Wedding

When Lacie returned from her trip, she took part in an image shoot with her burn-the-dress dress she was to marry in. Unfortunately, she didn’t have photographs of it however, that’s not necessarily the end of the story.

In the comments, Lacie got mixed reviews. Some people praised her for what she accomplished. “Very much here for this,” wrote one user. Others considered it to be a bit unjust.

“Everyone’s a bad person in someone else’s story, I’d love to hear his side of the story too,” one user wrote. Others suggested that she should’ve stayed at her home and offered the victim a portion of the money.

Commenting on the video, Lacie has also provided a bit of background information to those who aren’t fans of her actions.

“Let’s take a look at some information

  1. He never requested the return of the ring
  2. He was willing to give me his share of the house issues because he was aware that he had handled the situation badly.”

Is this really Lacie’s story about her villain’s origins? Was she even in the position to do this?


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