“Everyone was stunned” witnesses remember the tragic skydiving accident that occurred at the Musket Bowl

The fans who attended the David Crockett Musket Bowl game recalled watching the tragic accident which occurred during last night’s game.

On Friday evening the skydiver crashed in an event to celebrate the pregame game between two rivals David Crockett and Daniel Boone High Schools.

“Since it’s David Crockett’s brand new field it is their very first match, the first Musket Bowl played on their brand new fields. It seems like they were trying to celebrate,” said Daniel Boone sophomore Tyler Smith.

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At previous Musket Bowl events, skydivers were included in the pregame activities.

The skydiver was skydiving over Jump TN, a company located in Greeneville, Tennessee. The company claimed he completed more than 1500 jumps.

“The deceased was an extremely experienced skydiver with many years of experience and was a respected part of the skydiving community.” According to Jump TN, “The entire skydiving community is devastated at the loss that has occurred of an amazing part of their community.”

witnesses remember the tragic skydiving accident that occurred at the Musket Bowl

Smith recalls the reaction of when the skydiver was lowered down.

“Everyone was stunned and shocked and confused about the best way to respond. People were rushing towards the police, and they were able to get hold of the incident,” said Smith.

An eyewitness, who would like to remain anonymous due to respect for the family of the skydiver, was playing with family members. His daughter was watching first responders examine the pulse of the skydiver.

“The person surveyed his pulse. From his reaction – shaking his head wasn’t a great indicator. The man either had a weak pulse , or none,” said the witness.

Following the accident after the accident, there was silence, and the decision was taken to go on playing.

“It established the effect on the entire community as well as those people who witnessed and felt the incident to bring some familiarity to the situation which we began the night with,” said Superintendent for Washington County Schools, Jerry Boyd.

Counselors will be in contact with students from each high school on Monday. The school district hasn’t yet made a decision on whether they will be able to continue to use skydivers on their teams.

“At this moment, I’m not sure. It’s not too unreasonable to ask the same reaction however this is impossible to imagine,” said Boyd.

The identity of the skydiver hasn’t been released officially.