Georgia Attorney General is seeking broad indictment of protesters at APD training facility

ATLANTA – Over the last few the past few months, Channel 2 Action News has been covering protests who are agitating against a proposed Atlanta Police Training Facility located in DeKalb County.

Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Mark Winne has been informed the Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr wants to obtain an extensive indictment of several suspected terrorists in the country who target the facility.

“This isn’t Oregon. Georgia is neither Washington nor New York or California. We’re Georgia. Please don’t visit our state to engage in violent acts towards our residents, our law enforcement officers or violate our laws. This will not be tolerated. The person who did it will be punished and we won’t rest until we’re sure that everyone who’s been involved in this is to account,” Carr said.

Georgia Attorney General is seeking broad indictment

Seven protesters were detained and were accused of domestic terrorism following an incident that left one GSP trooper hospitalized as well as the person who killed him. None of them came from Georgia.

Six other people were detained in December and accused of domestic terrorist acts. The majority of them came from outside of Georgia.

Carr confirmed that his office is working with DeKalb County District Attorney Sherry Boston’s office to proceed with an indictment.

The attorney general states that the attorney general was in the command center when law enforcement began to clear protesters from the area. A trooper was wounded and the shooter accused of the shooting was killed by the fire of retaliation.

“It was absolutely excruciating. When you’re with people, law enforcement who you’re asking to complete a task, and one of them will not be able to return back to their families because of this act violence, it’s difficult to deal with,” Carr said.

Winne was informed she learned that Carr along with DA Boston have been working in tandem with a task force comprised of members of the GBI, FBI, ATF, DeKalb police and Atlanta police to investigate several domestic terrorist attacks believed to be linked to the opposition to the school.

Carr insists he’s not aiming at peaceful protesters.

“I believe it’s crucial to rememberthat protesters employ words. They don’t have AR-15s. They don’t have handguns. They do not shoot Molotov cocktail at firefighters or construction workers. They don’t spike the trees.” the man explained.

The attorney general has also mentioned to Winne that he’s cooperating with the governor Brian Kemp.

“Let me be crystal clear, when you have participated in, or helped or encouraged this violence in our community and against law enforcement officers, you could and will be prosecuted,” Carr said.


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