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Disney’s ‘Elemental’ Falls Short in Opening Weekend, Featuring A Non-Binary Character

Disney's 'Elemental' Falls Short in Opening Weekend, Featuring A Non-Binary Character

As per media reveal Pixar’s ‘Elemental’ experienced its worst opening weekend in history. In its opening weekend, the Pixar film “Elemental,” which includes the studio’s first “non-binary” character as confirmed by a voice actor, generated a mere $29.5 million in box office earnings.

According to a press release, Pixar’s “Elemental” had the lowest opening weekend in the history of the studio. This is noteworthy considering the creative prowess of Pixar as one of the most renowned studios in the entertainment industry and the backing of Disney, the parent company of Pixar.

Media outlets nationwide highlighted the underwhelming performance of the movie. Following the disappointing performance of “Lightyear” in 2022 and the underwhelming box office results of Disney+ titles like “Turning Red” in 2022, “Luca” in 2021, and “Soul” in 2020 during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Pixar’s “Elemental” adds to the recent streak of lackluster releases.

Variety reported that the movie did not meet already low expectations. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film faced disinterest from moviegoers, along with “The Flash,” another movie affected by negative attention due to its lead actor, Ezra Miller, who was involved in multiple scandals and arrests in 2022.

Adding to the disappointment, “Elemental” was a costly endeavor with a production budget of around $200 million and an estimated marketing expenditure of around $100 million. As a result, the film is poised to become a significant letdown during its theatrical run.

Movies with original narratives, like “Elemental,” have encountered challenges in the current market. The film explores the connection between the seemingly contrasting elements of fire and water. In recent times, brand recognition has played a significant role in the success of family-oriented films, as seen with hits like “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” and “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.”

Although, “Elemental” gained attention for introducing its first non-binary character named “Lake.” The portrayal of Lake generated significant interest and the actor who voiced the character, Kai Ava Hauser.

Gross acknowledges that “Elemental” is distinct from other recent animation titles as it is not based on established intellectual property (IP). This unique factor makes it the most demanding film to open among the recent releases in the animation genre.

“Elemental” represents another addition to the string of contentious movie and television choices made by the entertainment powerhouse this year.

Earlier this year, Disney disclosed a decline of 2.4 million subscribers to its streaming service, Disney+. The platform faced significant controversy surrounding shows like “Proud Family: Louder and Prouder,” which incorporated elements of Critical Race Theory and criticized Abraham Lincoln for his perceived lack of concern in ending slavery.

By Patsy S. Nielsen

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