Ashley Graham & Justin Ervin Welcome Twin Baby Boys; Reveal They’re ‘happy & Healthy’

Ashley Graham & Justin Ervin Welcome Twin Baby Boys this Friday morning by announcing the news through her Instagram handle and revealing that the couple is really happy and the twins are healthy as she delivered her twins at her home.

Ashley Graham & Justin Ervin Welcome Twin Baby Boys as revealed by the couple via their social media account. Ashley Graham, the 34 years old supermodel announced the news of her twin baby boy’s this Friday morning via her social media handle expressing her happiness. She mentioned that she had a delivery at her home only and announced that she and her babies are healthy and happy also.

Ashley Graham & Justin Ervin Welcome Twin Baby Boys
Ashley Graham & Justin Ervin Welcome Twin Baby Boys

Just a few hours before her announcement, she uploaded her picture where flaunts her baby bump with all her fans and followers which she wondered about the children’s extended stay in the bump after completing a full term of pregnancy which is 40 weeks.

In any case, Ashley didn’t report the names of her twins, yet she let her followers know that she likes to spend more time with family now to heal her.

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The supermodel turned actress and her better half, Justin Ervin, have a child named Isaac Menelik Giovanni, who was brought into the world on 18th January in the year 2020. The model declared her pregnancy on 13th June, last year. In captioned her Instagram post with her image in which she stated that the previous year has been brimming with small astonishments, huge grief’s, recognizable beginnings, and news stories, she further added that she simply starting to process and celebrate how this next life section bring for them as a couple.

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The model earlier in September announced that she conceived twins where she had shared a snippet of her ultrasound appointment which reveals to them the news of having twins.

The supermodel, Ashley Graham welcome twins baby boys with her husband Justin Ervin. 

The supermodel and American beauty star actress shared the news of her twin boys through her Instagram handle in which she stated that she and Justin are very excited that their baby boys are right here with their parents. The couple said that the boys were born early in the Friday Morning at their residence and are very healthy and happy. The twin boys mother, actress Graham also added that she requires a long time to recuperate up and get together with my better half and her three little boys and she really cannot stand by to share the additional information with her fans and followers as she concluded her post by much love to all with her initials at the end AG.

The new dad, Justin Ervin, furthermore posted the news about his twins through his social media handle in which he mentioned that he likes Ashley by adding her Insta ID and then thanking the almighty for such happiness and such supernatural start of their life and also added that he is much obliged to all for their love, prayers and help for the couple and their newborns.

Ashley’s Instagram is full in which she flaunts her baby bump with the twins at the staring of this month she shared horde stills of her laying on a couch, in which she revealed that she has ventured her 40 weeks while being pregnant.

She jested that she made it full time but the doctor’s due dates are just an idea whereas infants will constantly come on their birthday.

The couple first met in the year 2009 at a church and both got engaged in June in the year 2010 and then tied the knot in the month of August in the same year. Graham is a supermodel and a well-known actress who is well known for her world in the American beauty Star and what would you do? Ashley Graham has also featured in music motion pictures such as Girls like you and Toothbrush.