1000-lb Sisters: Why Amy Should’ve Waited Before Getting Pregnant Again

Fans of 1000-lb sisters were surprised to hear of Amy Slaton’s second pregnancy. Her first child turned one last November.

1000-lb sisters are seen in the trending columns yet again because of the new news from the family. Amy Halterman, last day announced her second pregnancy on social media. She announced on her channel on a video called Our little secret that she is pregnant again with her husband Michael Halterman.

1000-lb Sisters
1000-lb Sisters

She said that she was afraid to announce it first, not because of the news, but because of the reaction of people. She revealed that she was 12 weeks pregnant.

Why Amy Should’ve Waited Before Getting Pregnant Again?

Amy Slaton surprised the 1000-lb Sisters fanbase with the news of her second pregnancy, but many of her fans are very much concerned about mothers’ health. Her followers think that it was better if Amy Slaton had waited before adding another member to their unconventional family. 

While some viewers think that Amy is taking a risky gamble by getting pregnant again, others think Amy and her husband, Michael Halterman, just need more time to prepare for the hectic tasks that come with a second child.

From Amy’s ongoing cleanliness crisis to the emotional trauma she and Tammy are still working through, here’s why 1000-lb Sisters fans think Amy and Michael should’ve waited before getting pregnant again.

Amy Slaton and Michael had their first child Gage last November 2020. There is criticism from the fans about the parenting of Amy. fans believe that the couple could make a more nurturing space for their child in many ways.

One reason why the followers feel this way is because of Amy’s uncertain lifestyle. While cleaning her house, she found uncleaned dishes, bugs, and even a dead rat. She confessed that she felt like a bad mother for letting her child grow in an unsanitary and unsafe environment. 

People think that Amy needs to work on these issues and learn from her experience. In this situation, a second pregnancy will make things worse, they say.

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The 1000-lb fans don’t deny that Amy is a loving mother. But they believe she could be more attentive to Gage’s needs. Instead of bringing in another child to a complicated setup, Amy Slaton’s followers think that if she could take a couple of years to work on her parenting expertise, she would benefit more from it.  

Many people consider the relationship and emotional issues both the sisters are undergoing. Both of them grew up in an emotionally and economically unstable household, and the sisters have demonstrated they’re still working to get over their childhood trauma. So the viewers think that Amy should put a pause on having more kids because she’s still resolving her intense relationship issues with her sister.

Although, both the sisters started on their weight loss journeys at the same time, Amy and Tammy have different goals for changing their life patterns and diet style in 1000-lb Sisters season 1. While Tammy was motivated because of her hazardous health condition, Amy’s chief incentive for sticking to her strict diet and exercise routine was to have a baby. This turned out to be an effective catalyst for Amy as she successfully qualified for bariatric surgery by the end of season 1.

Amy gave birth to her first child, as soon as she had her gastric bypass surgery. it was dangerous for her to bear a baby at that moment. Amy and Michael were thus told to wait a few years before trying to have a child, but after working hard to lose weight, the reality star didn’t have the patience to follow her doctor’s recommendation. In this pregnancy also, she is considered to be at high risk. This is because she is tested positive for diabetes this time.