Saturday’s Google Doodle Celebrates Physicist Stephen Hawking. (Google Doodle celebrates physicist Stephen Hawking)

Google doodles are loved by every Google user. Recently on Saturday, the search engine honored the late physicist Stephen Hawking for enlightening the world through his knowledge, especially for the universe. Here’s what makes the act of Google Doodle celebrating physicist Stephen Hawking’s birthday so special. 

Google Doodle Celebrates Physicist Stephen Hawking
Google Doodle Celebrates Physicist Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, the name as big as the universe in the particular sector stated theories beyond the thought of an average human being. The renowned theoretical physicist, author, and cosmologist was born on 8th January 1942. While his achievements have been immense, his complete career has been path-breaking. Hawking’s interest in understanding the universe made him a golden persona in the industry. An article stating his words and views says that his goals have been really simple. Some of them include achieving an understanding of how the universe works and why it exists. 

Stephen Hawking majorly contributed to the knowledge of black holes. While some of his knowledge are assumptions, some are based on a lot of science. One of his best works includes coming out of information from the black hole. To be more specific, the theory states that black holes usually and slowly throw up the information they swallow. This is very wonderful and helpful as it can later bring out the information of what exactly happens to the matter that passes through the black hole. 

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Another theory includes the emission of energy around the event horizons of the black holes. Black holes are full of wonder and mystery. Stephen Hawking has been a great persona in unlocking some percentage of mystery and wonder. Celebrating him would be an honor for several physicists and similar professionals around the world. Therefore, the celebration of his birthday by Google seems very obvious and certain. Google has been very rewarding and appreciative for several personas till now and some of them include the best in the profession. Stephen Hawking has been exactly the one. 

A person who hit paralysis at a young age with no hope for life further moved on to succeed on great terms. Hawking has not only been great career-wise but also an inspiration for millions of people across the world. Most of them also include common man and aspirants trying to achieve things in various fields. He has been a living proof to many disabled people for not giving up hope and living life to the fullest. He has been a ray of light for those who see nothing ahead or believe that one disability might not let them do anything. 

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