Amy Adams Spotted on the Set of Her New Film ”Nightbitch” for the First time

Amy Adams is in a transformation for her new unique role.

Six-time Oscar nominee 48-year-old was spotted in the middle of filming her new film, Nightbitch, in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Disenchanted: Amy Adams Weight Gain; Fat or Pregnant?

The actress appeared in the set portraying motherhood is a hectic affair in a basic blue-striped button-down with very little makeup.

Disenchanted: Amy Adams Weight Gain; Fat or Pregnant?

Nightbitch is based on the debut novel by Rachel Yoder, and Adams was tapped to be the lead character in the adaptation of the film before the novel was published.

Adams The character is not just trying to balance motherhood as well as trying to comprehend the changes she’s seeing in herself. These changes appear to suggest she’s turning into an animal.

The film will premiere as a Hulu Original in the U.S. The streaming service has not yet revealed an exact date. The film was directed by Marielle Heller The film also features Scoot McNairy as well as Ella Thomas and Garrett C. Phillips.

Fans can expect to see Adams next in the highly anticipated Enchanted sequel Disenchanted In the sequel, she’ll return to her part in the role of the princess Giselle -she is also a step-mom.(Amy Adams news)

This long-awaited sequel finally announced on the horizon in 2020. It is set 15 years after the events of the original film Disenchanted will follow Giselle and her husband Robert ( Patrick Dempsey) and stepdaughter Morgan ( Gabriella Baldacchino) who move to the suburbs.(Amy Adams news)

Disenchanted: Amy Adams Weight Gain; Fat or Pregnant?

A trailer that was released during the D23 Expo in September. D23 Expo in September revealed that even though Giselle is still an avid dreamer, she may be a bit shady after spending some of her time living in real life.

Amy seemed to be enjoying a relaxed mood as she sat on the ground and placed her hands upon her knees while smiling on her face.

Alongside Amy Nightb***h also features Ella Thomas and Garrett C. Phillips. (Amy Adams news)

As per Variety the film follows a suburban mom who is thrown into the routine of staying at home and raising the toddler.

As she takes on the wild nature that is deeply embedded in her motherhood, she is more aware of the odd and indisputable signs that she is turning into a dog (Amy Adams news).’

Amy’s latest appearance Amy follows Amy’s ex- American Hustle co-star Christian Bale admitted to having served as an intermediary with Adams with David O. Russell on the controversial set of the 2013 crime-comedy American Hustle.

A few years ago, a leaked email of the Sony hacks claimed that David was ‘abusing’ Amy to the point that Christian was forced to intervene. Amy herself has described being devastated on the film’s set for most days. 

Now Christian confirmed his previous statements that he was involved in the incident when tensions began to flare in the relationship between Amy as well as her manager. can get and know where the conflict is going then I’m inclined to try to play the role of mediator and a mediator,’ Christian claimed.

“It’s part of my nature to attempt to tell people: “Hey, come on, let’s take a seat and figure it out. There must be a way to make the whole thing be successful.”‘