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eLC UGA is an online LMS (learning management system) for the University of Georgia. eLC represents eLearning Commons and it is additionally here and there alluded to as UNG D2L, the organization for eLC or Brightspace, what D2L calls for their item.

You might consider eLC an immense archive where the learners can store and track data connected with the student’s coursework. Students have valid and legitimate eLC UGA MyID login credentials as login and password. It can get to eLC and take part in courses utilizing a PC or cell phone device. 

Instructions to Sign in to eLC UGA


Kindly follow the steps to sign in to the ELC UGA LMS account,

  1.       Open the official link as uga.view.usg.edu.
  2.       Tap on the “UGA MyID Login”.
  3.       On the sign-in page, enter the credentials like username and password.
  4.       Now, click on the Login option to sign in to the account.

Sign in with the MyID and password details.

How to Utilize the eLC UGA Login Page?


The students after login into the eLC UGA account can check the course-related important dates and deadlines by tapping on the UGA Academic calendar tab. The My Home page is coordinated to show the Mini Bar, Navigation Bar, and Widgets that are standard for learners at UGA. UGA Single Sign-On or UGA SSO is the University’s single-sign-in confirmation administration utilized by most of the campus apps. UGA SSO gives further developed verification associations, better or enhanced security, and the capacity to utilize two-factor confirmation to get to web-apps.

eLC UGA gives a FERPA-safeguarded stage to UGA (Athena) courses to access the classroom content and exercises in a common advanced learning space.

For instance, the user or learner can utilize eLC UGA login to further store and share records, execute tests, connect with understudies in online conversations, have video as well as audio, and different resources, and convey course declarations/announcements, and many more. It is profoundly adaptable and gives teachers the capacity to customize the content for the course and experience.

The Most Effective Method to Track Down Courses on eLC UGA


Enrolled courses ought to show up on the UGA eLC Homepage. All such courses should be pinned in the listing of the course posting so they appear on the Homepage and in the student or user courses Menu. To see the rundown of current and ongoing courses, the user needs to click on the Waffle Icon located on the menu page at the top of the homepage screen. In this way, all the pinned courses will show up first with late courses showing up later.

In case, if the course is not visible then tap on the View All Courses under the rundown of the “My Courses” tab.  The user will get the search bar to search for the particular course required.


The users who get an “error as not authorized” message on the screen while endeavoring to get to their eLC email ought to initially verify whether they have a test in the works. Tap on the envelope icon accessible at the screen top.

In case, if the user gets a message that demonstrates that the user has to finish or return to the quiz, ensure that the same was submitted after completion. Messages cannot be sent in eLC during a test. On the off chance that the test is closed and you can’t get to it, kindly get in touch with the educator. On the off chance that the user didn’t take a test then the user needs to notify the EITS or the D2L to assist with focusing through the contact data accessible at the screen top.

Learners can get messages or potentially instant messages when things are included in eLC UGA.

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All the usual notifications will be available on the home page only in regards to the assignments, instructor announcements in regards to the course progress, and when conversations are posted on the discussion board. Therefore, to manage the notifications tap on the name accessible on the right-hand side of the home page of eLC UGA and afterward tap on the Notifications tab.