Actress Jeanine Ann Roose mourned by ‘Its a Wonderful Life’ co-star Karolyn Grimes: ‘A Delightful Woman’

“It’s a Wonderful Life star-rer Actress Jeanine Ann Roose who was well known for her role of Little Violet Bick in the movie has died at the age of 84 in her home in Los Angeles.

Actress Jeanine Ann Roose mourned by her “Its a Wonderful Life” co-star, Karolyn Grimes, as she grieves the loss of her co-actor.

Its a Wonderful Life
Its a Wonderful Life

The former child entertainer, most popular for playing the role of the Little Violet Bick in the all-time famous show of 1946’s titled “It’s a Wonderful Life,” died at the age of 84 after combating the infection at her residence in Los Angeles as reported by the TMZ on 1st January 2022.

Karolyn Grimes said that Roose was a superb lady, Grimes, who is well known for her famous role of Zuzu Bailey in the most renowned holiday classic. Grimes added that Roose was also a very intelligent woman as she just appeared in one movie titled ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ She proceeded to do radio and was on ‘The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show’ for a long time during her professional journey.

Actress Jeanine Ann Roose mourned by ‘Its a Wonderful Life’ co-star Karolyn Grimes

The 81-year-old actress further commented that Roose eventually in the end concluded that it wasn’t actually how she would have preferred to carry on with her life. She studied hard and turned into a psychologist as she needed to help humankind. She always wanted to help people to make them feel good about themselves. She truly was a beautiful woman.

As reported in the Deadline report, it was mentioned that the late actresses worked from a very early age and plays the role of a child actor during the ’40s and ’50s era. At that time she got her first acting assignment in the “The Jack Benny Program,” As indicated by the report, she additionally showed up on “The Fitch Bandwagon.” But her role as Little Violet was her main film credit.

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The report also mentioned that a portion of Roose’s radio appearances also involved the names “I Remember Mama” and “Mr. President.” She additionally featured in the unaired TV pilot titled “Arabella’s Tall Tales.” However, Roose professional acting career formally reached an end when she turned into a Jungian psychoanalyst by enrolling in UCLA. 

Grimes also mentioned that Roose kept occupied in her new profession for a long time and they both reconnected at a Missouri show. Roose additionally served as a member of the board in the Zuzu’s House, which is an association that started in the year 2018 which works on the measures to help destitute and vulnerable teens in Marshfield, Missouri. Grimes also added that Roose helped countless individuals throughout her life and she was always her dear friend and was simply a brilliant human being.

 Roose once said that she only had worked in one movie “‘It’s A Wonderful Life and she had an astounding lifetime experience in such a purposeful movie. She also said that her inner desire was always to work for humanity and to help people who were battling with tracking down the purpose of life which is quite similar to the part where Clarence in the film helped George to find the significance of his life. As TMZ reported that, in the year 1964, she got married to Eugene Richard Auger, and she was with her near or dear ones including her child Joe at the time of her death.

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