Wolfgang Petersen Dies: ‘Das Boot’ and ‘The Perfect Storm’ Director Was 81

The Oscar-nominated, German Director, Wolfgang Petersen dies at the age of 81 while battling against pancreatic cancer disease in his Brentwood home.

The German director, Wolfgang Petersen dies at the age of 81, the Oscar-nominated director is well known for his throwback epics as “Das Boot” and “The Perfect Storm”. Notwithstanding the WWII submarine fighting movie that acquired six Academy Award nominations and includes on the list as Best Director, The late Petersen additionally directed some all-time hits as some of the famous movies in his name are:

  • ·       1984’s family favorite “The Never Ending Story,”
  • ·       “Enemy Mine” in the year 1985,
  • ·       “Clint Eastwood” political thrilling movie.
  • ·       “In the Line of Fire in the year 1993,
  • ·       pandemic debacle film “Outbreak” in the year 1995,
  • ·       Harrison Ford’s presidential hijacking thrill ride,” Air force One” in the year 1997, and
  • ·       “Troy” in the year 2004 which is swords and sandals tent pole.

Wolfgang Petersen Career

Wolfgang Petersen dies-
Wolfgang Petersen dies-

Petersen was born in 1941 in Germany and started his directorial career in Hamburg during the 1960s where he started directing the plats before moving into TV motion pictures for German TV, in the end acquiring sees for his 1974 suspenseful thrill ride debut “One or the Other of Us.” The director, Petersen contacted a global audience with the 1982 arrival of “Das Boot,” which is an almost three-hour German-language submerged film that is all about the men who serves aboard German in the WWII U-boats. Petersen then, at that point, forayed into the Hollywood industry with the dream film “Never Ending Story,” which stays a clique number one and wonder of in-camera impacts with its rambling good-clashing with the fiendish story of a young hero attempting to save the place where there is Fantasia from dark powers. Petersen’s later accomplishment with “In the Line of Fire,” featuring Eastwood who played the role of a Secret Service official, moved him into making Hollywood tent poles such as  “Outbreak” and his other blockbuster movie “Air force One.” Petersen had also worked with some of the best cinematographer’s as Michael Ballhaus, long-term a colleague of Martin Scorsese and Rainer Werner Fassbinder, on his latter movies.

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Then he also had a summer blockbuster “Perfect storm,” the monstrous oceanic endurance film light of a genuine story and featuring the stars like George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg. It was a huge film with a collection of 330 million dollars globally. Following up, while abraded by certain pundits, the Trojan War story “Troy” featuring Brad Pitt playing the character of Achilles was also a great success at the box office. The last movie in Hollywood for Petersen was the 2006 debacle film redoes “Poseidon,” which sank into the cinematic world. He required a 1o-year break prior to directing his last film in the year 2016 which was the German-language parody titled “Four against the Bank”. As per the Deadline reports, Wolfgang Petersen dies last Friday while battling pancreatic cancer disease in his Brentwood home. He passed on the arms of his wife, Maria Antoinette. As per the sources, Wolfgang Petersen’s net worth is reported around 20 million dollars .


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