What Does OBJ Mean In Text

Often, you must have seen the abbreviation OBJ within a dotty box while receiving a text message from your relatives or pals. We understand that no one appreciates viewing the OBJ symbol or emoji. You may even witness OBJ on social networking sites. In this article, we have explained a frequent inquiry – what does OBJ mean in text, its causes, and methods to fix it.

Understand What Does OBJ Mean In Text

Initially, you may be surprised to see OBJ when viewing messages and social media platforms like Fb or Twitter. So, what does OBJ mean in text? The OBJ symbol in a dotty box stands for Object or Object Replacement Character.

what does OBJ mean in text

  • What Does OBJ Mean In Text – OBJ is A Symbol or Object

OBJ is a file name, entity, or object that emerges in messages, comments, or tweets. It happens when your phone seems unable to locate objects.

  • Replace An Emoji Unsupported by a Device

In simple terms, an OBJ file substitutes an emoticon or unique character that your handset cannot showcase on the monitor. Anything you see on text messaging applications like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or TikTok is an object or entity.

  • OBJ Emoji Arrive Instead of Real Images

The object flashes on your phone screen as OBJ instead of the actual images or symbols. Usually, it happens with emoticons, special characters, or icons that your gadget doesn’t represent or identify.

What Does OBJ Mean In Text – OBJ Emoji Explanation

what does OBJ mean in text

Website content is more like a group of entities that demonstrate everything on your computer or phone screen. It implies that every message, characters, and smileys you see on the monitor are just entities.

As a result, you can see a comment or accept an SMS comprising symbols that your handset does not identify. Then, an OBJ symbol substitutes those symbols. So, you may be curious to know how these emojis exhibit on the device when they are unidentifiable.

Meaning of Unicode & Its Purpose


The mobile messaging platforms’ prime intent is to obtain messages with smileys or objects. However, your smartphone seems unable to notice the icons or symbols in your app. Eventually, the OBJ file is used instead of Unicode.

The main objective of designing Unicode was to help people recognize PC functionalities more precisely. Sometimes, you cannot even post a picture on the Instagram app because of the OBJ tech issues.

Unicode is a global character encoding benchmark. It assigns a distinctive identifier to each character throughout all languages and platforms. Thus, it supports retrieving all symbols across devices, applications, and systems.

Reasons for OBJ Emoji on Facebook & Other Social Media Sites

what does OBJ mean in text

We hope you have learned what does OBJ mean in text. Facebook and Instagram get more OBJ problems when compared to different social media networks. It ensues due to different factors, like:

  • Incorrect Data

Infected file issues are uncommon in cellular phones. But it is most prevalent in Windows PC and Macbooks. It usually happens when the file transfer process goes on from one system to another device.

  • Unstable Internet Connectivity

Unsteady internet access is a frequent cause of the OBJ issue. Your system position the OBJ file name rather than the entities you attained due to incomplete information.

  • Voice-to-Text Option Usage

An iPhone or Android phone user operates the voice-to-text feature to post a comment or post. Consequently,  the OBJ error happens. The software encounters numerous glitches as a result of your indecipherable tone.

Then, the software supplants your unidentifiable voice with the OBJ signs or entities.

To avert the OBJ issue, you have no choice but to articulate slowly to enable the app to acknowledge your instruction.

  • Technical Glitch

Another cause of the OBJ entity problem is a programming error.  You may realize that your handset was functioning right the day before. However, you may experience the OBJ icon problems later.

If malware exists in your phone’s system, it may cause the OBJ error. You can consider upgrading your messaging apps and keypad to fix this matter. If that does not perform, you may need to refresh your phone’s software.

  • Modified Apple’s Emoji Library 

It is the most pervasive problem that people face. Apple continually updates its smileys archive and introduces new symbols.

Suppose an iOS user conveys an updated Apple emoji on an Android device. Now, the Android user will not be able to identify the latest emojis. The reason is that Android devices do not support such new Apple emojis.

Methods to Fix OBJ Errors on Android & iOS

what does OBJ mean in text

Use the given methods to repair the OBJ issue on Android and iOS:

  1. Install the Latest Emoji Keypad or the Emoji Library

You can resolve the OBJ error by installing a new Emoji keypad or Emoji library on your handset. It will refresh your current smiley collection. Eventually, it will remove the OBJ inaccuracy.

You may try Bitmoji, G board, or Swift Keyboard for Android and iOS devices. After placing these keypads, make them your primary keyboard. Now, you should no longer experience the OBJ problem.

  1. Apps & OS Updation

The fundamental solution to overcome the OBJ problem is to update the apps. You can quickly access and revise your social media apps via the Play Store and AppStore. Otherwise, visit your phone’s Settings to upgrade the software.

Methods to Fix OBJ Errors on Windows & Mac

Track the following processes to fix the OBJ error on Windows and Mac:

  1. Browser Upgrade

To access your social platforms or messaging apps on Windows PC or Mac, you must use a web browser. When you upgrade the browser, refresh the emoji collection that your browser utilizes.

  1. OS Updation

For Windows:

Navigate to Settings —> New Updates —> Download (If Accessible).

For Mac:

Navigate to the Apple menu —> System Preferences.

Next, if updates are available —> Download.

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Final Words on What Does OBJ Mean In Text

We have tried our best to unravel the response to what does OBJ mean in text and on social networking websites like FB, IG, and Twitter. Additionally, we have explained the reasons for OBJ errors. Ultimately, follow the above methods to eliminate the OBJ issues on your Android phone, iOS, Windows, or Mac.


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