How to Ping a Phone to Find It’s Location?

Sometimes, we misplace our mobile phones. Then, we must know the method to track down our phone’s location. So, in this guide, we have discussed a common query – how to ping a phone. The process will help you to find the phone location of your near ones or employees. Further, use it to check if the phone is functional and accepting network services. 

How to Ping a Phone – Meaning of Pinging a Device

Pinging a handset indicates that the required device is obtainable or easy to reach. This network functionality is reachable on nearly all major platforms like Android and iOS. Usually, when we say ping the phone, it implies tracking it down.How to Ping a Phone FILEminimizer

In specific terms, pinging the phone means sending a prompt to the phone to inquire about its centralized location. And the phone replies with the needed data. The ping technique retrieves data by using the phone’s Geolocation.

Grasp the Valid Reasons for Using the Ping Technology

There are several valid reasons to utilize the ping a phone technology. Please have a look at the bases presented below:

  • Firstly, to detect a misplaced or robbed device.
  • Secondly, to specifically focus on the children or the staff’s general area.
  • Thirdly, spy applications use the ping software to perform all the tasks. Remember that keeping tabs on somebody without their permission is ethically wrong.
  • Lastly, to keep a close eye on people with a criminal history. But recognize that only administrative authorities are empowered to use the ping technology. 

How to Ping a Phone via Phone, Find My Phone & PC?

How to Ping a Phone

Numerous devices implement the ping functions and features. However, the recently launched phones do not allow this feature for security purposes. 

To get the ping technique, you will have to use dedicated phone applications like PingD or Google Find My Phone to recover the signal. So, make sure you have downloaded these ping phone applications on your device. 

Note: Please note that you cannot ping a turned-off mobile phone. Also, you may fail to notify the device if your phone has firewall software or an activated AP Isolation function is on the router.

Check out the procedure explained below for how to ping a phone:

Via Phone (Android or iPhone)

  1. Firstly, open Play Store (on Android phone) or AppStore (on iPhone) and search for the Ping application.
  2. Next, tap on install to download Ping. Else, install any other ping phone app of your preference.
  3. Now, initiate the installed Ping app.
  4. Finally, input your device’s Internet address, for illustration, Tap on the Ping or Start option.

Via PC

  1. Scroll to find your device’s Quick Settings screen. 
  2. Afterward, push the Wi-Fi feature for a few minutes.
  3. Now, in the subsequent menu, pick Advanced Settings by clicking the Menu icon.
  4. Then document your device’s IP address, for illustration,
  5. Now, tap on the Windows icon on your PC utilizing the exact web server.
  6. Browse and right-tap on Command Prompt.
  7. Select the Run as Administrator option from the context menu.
  8. Finally, run the following instructions and replace the IP with your device’s IP –

Via Find My Phone

  1. Initiate an internet browser and browse the following URLs, depending on the mobile operating system:

For Android Users (Operating the Google Maps API):

For iOS Users:

  1. Sign in with your Android or iOS login information. 
  2. Now, choose your handset (if several devices exist).
  3. Finally, click on the Find My Phone option and use it to spot or ping your device.

Note: The said process is applicable when the phone is On. Plus, it is set to use Find My Phone and has internet access (WiFi or Mobile Data).

We hope you have understood all the above three processes concerning how to ping a phone

Some Other Techniques for How to Ping a Phone

How to Ping a Phone

Suppose the above techniques did not fit your requirements. Then, you may use some other processes listed below. However, these strategies may involve fees and special rights such as an administration or judicial order.

Else, it will be inappropriate to employ such tricks. Thus, we have furnished a few clues about these processes for authenticated users:

  1. Utilize surveillance software for how to ping a phone. Bear in mind that it is unlawful to monitor a person without his consent.
  2. Use GPS tracker or family search tools like Life 360 or Google Maps history.
  3. Use the TrueCaller app to receive information about a specific contact number and its position.
  4. At times, mobile operators aid in detecting a phone location authorized to your profile. Additionally, they provide a platform for this service. So, kindly verify with your provider to see if such a service is available.
  5. If you hold a permitted administrative position, connect with the provider’s help desk to ping the device.

Ways to Avoid the Phone From Being Pinged

How to Ping a Phone

Try the below tips to avoid your device’s location detection:

  1. Disconnect your phone’s location or GPS Tracking feature.
  2. Check that no PingD, Google Find My Device, or other ping phone apps exist on your device. 
  3. Remember that permitting Airplane mode or turning off the device in an emergency disables all connectivity and ping app.

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Conclusion on How to Ping a Phone 

These are the main techniques that you may apply to identify the location of your missing or robbed phone. But if you do not like your device to get pinged, follow the measures given in the above section.