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Three bathroom organization tips from Breegan Jane for those who detest cleaning

bathroom organisation tips from Breegan Jane

You are not alone if you detest organisation. Even if decluttering is the last thing you feel like doing, interior designer Breegan Jane has some straightforward bathroom organisation advice that is sure to motivate you.

These three easy steps will get you started so you can create a tranquil and useful environment to get ready and unwind in, whether arranging a little bathroom overflowing with goods or a larger space in need of streamlining.

The HGTV host and businesswoman offers helpful tips for managing your skincare, makeup, and hair products as well as reminders to be fair to yourself about the possessions you keep.

3 Bathroom Organizing Ideas from Breegan Jane

bathroom organisation tips from Breegan Jane

TV host, fashion designer, business owner, and philanthropist Breegan Jane resides in Los Angeles. The distinctive design of Breegan combines artistic and elegant elements with practical comfort. With decor that emphasises elegance and encourages simplicity, peace, and the utmost in comfort, she creates a magnificent, contemporary look.

Dump everything on the ground

Breegan The first bathroom organisation advice from Jane entails making a mess that compels you to examine each thing and determine whether it deserves its place. Breegan freely admits, “I despise organising, so I simply gather everything and put it on the floor.”

She claims that if you make a mess initially, whether it’s in a tiny space or every kitchen cupboard, you’ve already taken the first step. The mass of clutter is a terrific incentive to stay organised because having skincare and cosmetics sitting about is just something to trip over.

The storage drawers in my bathroom, where all of my cosmetics is kept, are one of the locations I frequently do this but detest doing it. Breegan asserts that there is typically a lipstick in there that, if you didn’t truly remove it, might just get reorganised and contribute to the clutter of the superfluous.

Now, this is a terrible mauve purple my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas and I haven’t worn it in five years, I’m not putting this back in the drawer, you think.

Breegan explains that while finding the ideal bathroom organisers does help once you have properly decluttered, organising and decluttering actually involves getting rid of things from your area rather than purchasing them.


If you have a lot of goods, don’t be hard on yourself; simply keep the ones you use, unless they’re past their expiration date.

Give yourself grace, advises Breegan. I use a tonne of different hair products, and my hair is constantly changing. Thus, it’s also important to be realistic about the things you need and refrain from thinking, “Oh my god, I have too much hair stuff, I don’t need any of it,” when you look at your collection. No, you should reserve storage space for it if you utilise it. Despite what we may believe, we should be more tolerant of ourselves when it comes to the characteristics that make us who we are.

Use visible storage in enclosed areas.

Always clear storage for behind tight locations, asks Breegan. “Out of sight, out of memory” is how lipstick turns into something we never use, therefore I adore anything transparent you can place in cabinets so you can truly see what’s inside.

Before you reach the back or the bottom of your bathroom vanity, many bathroom cabinets are deep enough to accommodate two or three rows of bathroom accessories. Although this is great for storage, chaos is readily created. “Trust me, in two years you won’t know what was in there if you’re putting anything in a gorgeous wicker basket and then putting something on top of it,” she continues.

Breegan claims that as a mother, she has purchased daily nasal flushes and cold remedies numerous times because she only uses them during the winter when her kids are sick and because they are prone to getting stashed at the back of the sink.

Place items in transparent vanity organisers so that you can at least see what’s there, especially if the storage is closed. So hopefully the cabinet door closes, but when you open it, you can see everything else.

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