How to Make Business Cards with Cricut Step by Step | Free SVG Templates

How to make business cards with cricut step by step – You require some Cricut business cards if you operate a Cricut business. Business cards made with your Cricut machine are essentially called Cricut business cards.

I’ll demonstrate how to use your Cricut machine to create business cards in this article. Only some cardstock, a printer, and obviously your Cricut machine and Cricut mat are required for this lesson.

In order to How to make business cards with cricut step by step, we will also make use of various online tools. Let’s begin, then!

Making your own business cards using a Cricut

How to make business cards with cricut step by step

Visit Canva and register for a free account. In Cricut Design Space, you can design business cards, but it takes more time. Making the process with Canva is quite simple and quick.

I adore Canva because you can use it for so many things in your Cricut business, including designing thank-you cards for customers, making SVG files, designing social media graphics, and much more.

After creating your Canva account, select “Make a design” and look for “business card” in the design category. You should pick one that is 3.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall.

Once the new design is open, browse the templates on the left side until you find one you like. If you want, How to make business cards with cricut step by step.

Add your company name, a succinct description of your company, your email address, the phrases “Let’s Connect” and “Scan the code” once you have the template you desire.

Click the three horizontal bars to the right of the search box, select Price, click “Free,” and then select “Apply Filters” if you only want to see free photographs.

Remove the old photo from the business card and insert the new one in its place.

When you find an arrow you like, click Elements, add it to your business card, and then position it where you want it.

To add a QR code to your Cricut business card, create one.

Create a free LinkTree account. As Linktree is essentially one link but allows you to add several links for people to visit, it is a platform that you must be using if you own How to make business cards with cricut step by step.

LinkTree has a free and a premium edition, but the free version will get the job done. Your LinkTree link can also be added to your Instagram and TikTok biographies.

Copy the LinkTree link and launch the website after creating your LinkTree account and adding links to your website, Etsy shop, and social media. The generator of QR codes.

  • Insert your URL there, give the file a name, and download your QR code as an SVG file.
  • Return to Canva and select the Upload option in the left menu. to “Upload Media,” click.
  • You can post a QR code by finding it and clicking on it in the uploads section.
  • Click the QR code to add it to your business card once it has been submitted.

On your business card, position the QR code where you want it and adjust its size if necessary. Moreover, adjust the QR code’s white backdrop so that it matches the background of your business card.

By scanning it with your phone, you may test your QR code.

Print the business card with Canva.

After you are satisfied with How to make business cards with cricut step by step, click the download option in the top right corner.

  • Ensure that the file is a PNG (High-quality image).
  • Enter Cricut Design Space and add the business card there.
  • A business card can be uploaded by opening Cricut Design Space.
  • If it isn’t already, make sure to adjust the business card’s dimensions to 3.5 inches wide by 2 inches high.
  • Choose Shapes, then select a square.

Lock the square, then increase its width and height to 6.75 and 9.25 inches, respectively. Because this is the size that Cricut permits us to print and cut, we include this rectangle.

Get as many copies of your duplicate business cards as you can onto the rectangle now. Seven business cards could fit on my rectangle.

When you’re satisfied with How to make business cards with cricut step by step, click the rectangle to hide or remove it.

To get your business cards to print the same way they do on your screen, select every one of them and choose “Attach.”

That’s it, really.

I sincerely hope you’ve liked reading this guide on creating Cricut business cards. These business cards were quite simple to design and are excellent if you’re looking to run a lean Cricut operation.


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