The Shell chemicals plant located in Deer Park reports ‘flaring’ because of a tornado that struck the region

Shell, a major oil and gas firm Shell has announced that its chemical plant which is located at Deer Park south of Houston was the scene of an incident following a severe tornado that was observed in the region. In a follow-up news release, Shell confirmed that the incident caused the facility to be being damaged because of the weather conditions of the day.

Shell chemicals plant located in Deer Park

“Due to the severe weather and the loss of steam at the site, Shell Chemicals at Deer Park is currently in flames” Shell tweeted. “There is no danger to the surrounding community and there are no indications an adjacent tornado struck down inside this Chemicals plant.” Shell said it was currently working to limit the amount of light, noise or smoke that could be a result of the flaring process “though it’s likely to remain in place until the units are restored,” the tweet read.

In the video accompanying this tweet Shell spokespersons explained how flaring is an “key function” in making sure that plants are safe. “Once flared, the hydrocarbon has been treated safely and the potential emissions are reduced by at minimum 99 percent.


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