The documents are classified and found in Pence’s Indiana residence

A lawyer representing the former Vice-President Mike Pence discovered about a dozen classified documents at the Pence’s Indiana home this week. Pence has turned the classified documents in to the FBI according to multiple sources about the situation have told.

The FBI and the Justice Department’s National Security Division have launched an examination of the documents and the way they ended up at Pence’s home in Indiana.

Documents classified as classified were found at the former vice-president’s new residence situated in Carmel, Indiana, by the lawyer of Pence following the revelations of classified documents found in the private residence and office according to sources. The discovery came after Pence has repeatedly stated that there were no classified documents .

It’s not certain what the documents are linked to, or the degree of sensitivity or class.

The team of Pence’s informed congressional leaders and the relevant committees about the findings on Tuesday.

The documents are classified and found in Pence's Indiana residence

Pence sought out a lawyer who has previous experience dealing with classified materials to conduct a inspection of his home because of a sense of security. The lawyer, Matt Morgan, began sorting through the four boxes at the residence of Pence in the last week and discovered only a few documents that bear the mark of a classified.

The lawyer of Pence immediately alerted to the National Archives, the sources stated. The Archives was notified by that to the Justice Department.

A lawyer representing Pence said to they had received a request from the FBI asked to collect documents marked with classified markings in the evening and Pence accepted. The FBI’s field offices located in Indianapolis took the documents at Pence’s house The lawyer explained.

On Monday, the Pence legal team returned the boxes into Washington, DC, and transferred them to the Archives to examine the remainder of the materials to determine if they are in conformity to the Presidential Records Act.

In an email addressed to the National Archives obtained by the representative of Pence to the Archives, Greg Jacob, stated that there was a “small number of documents that bear marked with a classified label” were accidentally boxed and then taken to the residence of the vice president.

“Vice President Pence did not know that there were classified or sensitive documents in his private home,” Jacob wrote. “Vice President Pence is aware of the importance of securing classified and sensitive information, and is eager to fully cooperate in the National Archives and any appropriate investigation.”

The classified materials were kept in boxes that were first delivered to the temporary residence of Pence in Virginia prior to being transferred to Indiana as per the sources. The boxes were not placed in an area that was secure, however they were sealed and are believed not to have been opened because they were packed according to the attorney for Pence. When the documents classified by Pence were discovered, sources told reporters that they were stored in a safe inside the home.

President Pence’s Washington, DC, advocacy office was also inspected the lawyer for Pence said there was no evidence of classified material or other records covered under the Presidential Records Act were discovered.

The latest news regarding Pence is coming when special counsels are investigating how classified information was handled by Biden as well as the former president Donald Trump. The revelations are also in the midst of reports that Pence is preparing to challenge the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

Since the FBI conducted a search of Trump’s residence at the time of his visit to Florida for classified information in August using the warrant of a search, Pence has said that there was no classified documents after leaving the his post. “No no, not at all,” he told The Associated Press in August.

On November 1, Pence In November, Pence was confronted in November by ABC News at his Indiana home if he’d removed some classified papers out of White House documents. White House.

“I didn’t,” Pence responded.

“Well there’s no need to keep classified documents, especially when they’re in an area that wasn’t protected,” Pence continued. “But I’m going to declare that I believe there are other options to solve the issue other than by executing an order to search the home of one of the former presidents from the United States.”


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