The Finest Compliments to Post on an Instagram of a Photographer

A stunning sunset. a contented young couple. A breathtakingly beautiful scenery. Giving the photographer a praise is a fantastic way to promote their work, regardless of what they have shared on Instagram. There are many things you may say about a picture you adore, but some of your comments mean more to the photographer than others. Keep reading to locate the ideal compliment to post on Instagram because we have a tonne of inspiring and original suggestions!

Post on an Instagram

Things to Be Aware Of

  1. Thank the photographer for taking the time and making the effort to create the perfect image.
  2. Describe a specific aspect of their photo that you liked, such as the lighting, composition, or viewpoint.
  3. If the pictures are of you, say how much you loved working with the photographer. Alternatively, express your desire to collaborate with them in the future.
  4. “Wow, these are gorgeous!”

A brief yet pleasant remark is sure to put a smile on the photographer’s face. Mention briefly what you appreciate about a photographer’s work if you want them to feel good about it. Tell the truth about how the image makes you feel so that your compliment comes across as sincere. You can tell a photographer right away how their shot makes you feel by telling them your first impression. 

  • “This picture is beautiful!”
  • “You truly have a knack for catching the right moment.”
  • I’m amazed by how these look.
  • Breathtaking! Nothing else can adequately convey it.”
  • “This shot is the result of all your hard effort!”

The fact that you appreciated the work a photographer put in will be appreciated. Even though a photograph appears to have been taken without much effort, the photographer has spent a lot of time perfecting their craft. Don’t fail to acknowledge the effort they have put in. Instead of appreciating the image directly, emphasise how much the photographer has improved and the effort that went into taking it. 

It is clear how much time was spent planning to capture the ideal image.

  • “You’ve only improved with with successive picture. Amazing work!
  • Well, this proves you’re a professional.
  • “This shot really demonstrates all of your abilities! I adore it!
  • You have such a unique viewpoint,

Express gratitude for the distinctive view that was captured in the photograph. Did the image sway your perspective on the matter in any way? Perhaps the image is a close-up of a little object or a bird’s-eye view of a wider scene. In either case, take a moment to truly appreciate the distinct viewpoint the photo provides you with and be sure to mention it in your comments.

I never would have considered viewing that in this manner.

I adore the angle you captured in this photo!

  • “Seeing a different perspective on this subject is very motivating!”
  • This is such a fascinating perspective! How did you come up with this idea to capture it?
  • “This has such a clean composition.”

Photographers want praise for their excellent shot composition. The interaction between the foreground and background elements is known as composition. As it takes some time for photographers to determine the ideal compositional balance, they will appreciate your acknowledging how carefully they lined up the shot.

  • “I love how you set up this picture so that the focus is on their faces.”
  • “This truly attracts my focus to the flowers in the foreground! I adore it!
  • Although the background in this photograph is fascinating, the subject is not detracted by it.
  • “That definitely demonstrates how carefully you thought out the layout of this photo.”
  • “This picture’s lighting is amazing!”

The time it took for you to enjoy their photo will be much appreciated by the photographer. Selecting a light source for an image requires a good eye, and the photographer likely tried out a few different possibilities before making a choice. To provide a more meaningful praise, consider how the balance of the lights and shadows affects the picture’s overall composition. To seem more attentive, mention a specific aspect of the lighting that you took notice of in your compliment.

  • “How wonderful is the way the sunset makes those tree branches stand out?”
  • “I adore her face’s highlights! It significantly ups the drama.
  • The dark shadows definitely distinguish this image from the others.
  • “Wow, that lighting is amazing! You obviously spent your time to get it perfect, as I can tell!


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