How to Make a Sick Call When You’re Diarrheic

How to Make a Sick Call – You keep going to the restroom because of digestive problems, but your shift at work is about to start. Should you phone in and fully describe your symptoms to your boss? While you should notify your employer if you have diarrhoea, there are more appropriate methods to explain How to Make a Sick Call.

Find out how to tell your supervisor you have diarrhoea in the next paragraphs, along with some other valid excuses for missing work.

How to Make a Sick Call

Things to Be Aware Of- How to Make a Sick Call

  1. Say you have a “stomach sickness” or a “upset stomach” to your boss so you won’t have to go into depth.
  2. Indicate the need for a bathroom nearby so your supervisor will be aware of your problems without you having to express them directly.
  3. To avoid spreading illnesses, wait 24 hours after your diarrhoea has stopped before going back to work.

How to Make a Sick Call

“My stomach has been uneasy all morning.”

Be vague about having stomach problems rather than going into great detail regarding your illness. You won’t need to say your symptoms out loud because your supervisor will likely grasp what you’re truly trying to say.

Don’t feel obligated to go into great detail when you call in ill; it’s often best to keep it short.

“I had a stomach bug and am getting better.”

Referring to a stomach bug will inform your supervisor that you have digestive problems because most stomach bugs are viruses that can cause diarrhoea. Your employer will want you to stay at home because stomach infections can spread to other people. 

“I have food poisoning,” you said.

One of the primary indicators of food poisoning is diarrhoea. If you also have fever, nausea, vomiting, or stomach pains, anything you ate may be to blame for all of these symptoms.  Your supervisor won’t need to hear about each of your specific symptoms in order to recognise that you need some time to heal.

“I need to be close to the bathroom since I’m unwell.”

Your manager will understand that this is a code for having intestinal problems. They’ll allow you to take the day off since they want you to work when you’re most productive rather than constantly getting up to use the restroom.

“I don’t feel good today,” – How to Make a Sick Call

When you’re unwell, you don’t need to go into detail about your symptoms or how you’re feeling. You may only need to call your supervisor to let them know you’re sick; after all, they should respect your right to privacy.

Your employer’s policy may stipulate that you must explain your absence in detail. If that’s the case, just say that you have digestive problems or cramping in your stomach. You can tell your supervisor that you have diarrhoea if they really press you for information.

“I can’t enter because I have diarrhoea.”

It’s acceptable to be open and honest about how you’re feeling if you don’t mind your supervisor knowing the precise term you’re using and all of your symptoms. Your manager won’t ask any additional questions because they will grasp what you are going through right away.

To prevent you from feeling ashamed, your manager will typically keep your symptoms a secret and only inform your coworkers that you are sick.

One of the first indications that you are ill and that your body is fighting an infection is a fever. It is best to be safe and How to Make a Sick Call in sick since you are unsure whether your illness is communicable or not.


It might be extremely difficult to concentrate on the tasks you need to perform when you have a migraine. Take the day off and take care of your symptoms rather than trying to push through the discomfort. 


A stomach infection that frequently causes vomiting can easily infect your coworkers. Instead of coming to work and endangering your coworkers, treat the vomiting at home. 


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