Teen Dies After Falling Overboard From Cruise Ship Returning to Miami

Details of the Incident, A 15-year-old teen died Wednesday after falling overboard on a cruise ship returning from Miami from a 5-night trip to the Caribbean and Bahamas islands.

According to Crew Center reports, the MSC Seashore ship cautioned passengers with the “Man Overboard” alarm around 7:30 p.m. A passenger tells the Crew Center saying: “We just had 3 emergency blasts following the captain’s announcement ‘Man Overboard.’ People started running to the sides to investigate what happened, although it was nighttime. A crew member came to our cabin and instructed us to close the balcony door and draw the blinds. Police will board tomorrow when we return to Miami to investigate this tragic event.”

Teen Dies after falling Overboard from Cruise Ship
Teen Dies after falling Overboard from Cruise Ship

Reactions of People

In a sad video posted on YouTube, one passenger sailing on the MSC Seashore reacted to the alarm in actual time. The passenger whose YouTube username was Fancy CheapSkate said, “The ship is still moving. I was really hoping that it would come to a stop. I don’t expect a ship this huge to come to a stop, on a dime. It would probably take some time, but I don’t know what they’re gonna do. If they’re gonna send a lifeboat out for a search. I just feel like we’re still moving. It just feels so wrong. It still feels like we’re still going forward.”

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MSC in response said, “A young man traveling with his family on board MSC Seashore appears to have died of suicide Wednesday evening. Our team immediately notified authorities and our care team is assisting the young man’s family on board. All of us at MSC Cruises are heartbroken. The family remains in our thoughts and prayers.” 

Cruise Company’s Approach 

MSC will not reveal additional details out of respect for the privacy of the family. A Miami-Dade PD detective tells Fox News that they responded at 7 am Thursday morning to Port Miami. While the investigation is ongoing, “no foul play is suspected.”