Death to 2021 Viewers Shocked By Netflix Show’s Prince Philip Joke

The new Netflix dark comedy show Death To 2021, have left its viewers in shock by stating a very controversial statement and making fun of Prince Philip’s death

In the new mockumentary released in Netflix’s, Death To 2021 viewers left in shock by showing the controversial jokes on the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Netflix’s program portrays itself as an “obscurely comedic review” which consolidates genuine news footage close by the scripted talking interviews to think back on the second pandemic year.

The show features high-profile superstars (Hugh Grant and Lucy Liu); the show was created by Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones who also filmed the Black Mirror.

The Controversy of the Show

During the main portion of this mockumentary, the storyteller makes fun of Prince Philip’s demise by saying that later in the interview; Prince Philip pulls out from his public life for all time, by biting the dust or dying. He proceeds by saying further that millions of people had watched the prince’s funeral, by adding that he was the Duke Of Deading burgh. Many viewers were left shocked by the remarks made over Queen Elizabeth II’s late spouse, who passed away to heaven calmly at the age of 99 years old on 9th April.

Viewer’s Reaction

On Twitter, one of the viewers stated that they are off-base for this one and one other individual take Twitter to comment that the show was impolite, by trending the same comments with the Twitter #deathto2021.

One more person said that the statement later in the interview, Prince Philip pulls out from his public life for all time, by biting the dust or dying, was very dark remark #DeathTo2021″.

Whereas another people said that his jaw dropped #DeathTo2021″.

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Prince Philip’s death and Queen’s annual Christmas Speech

At the time of Prince Philip’s death, the Buckingham Palace affirmed the news of Prince’s demise with an official statement from the palace that it is with profound distress that Her Majesty the Queen declares the demise of her beloved spouse, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The royal highness died calmly earlier today morning at Windsor Castle. And the further declarations will be made at the appropriate time.

The first family joins with individuals all around the world in grieving his misfortune. During the Queen’s yearly Christmas Day discourse, the Queen honored her late spouse as she denoted her first festivals without his beloved husband.

“His feeling of administration, scholarly interest, and ability to extract fun from any circumstance – were all enthusiastic,” she further added in her speech. “That naughty, enquiring sparkle was as brilliant toward the end as when I met him for the first time years ago.”

Death To 2021 Viewers
Death To 2021 Viewers

The Queen further commented that however, life comprises of definite partings just as our initial meetings and however much we (me and my family) miss him, I realize he would need us to appreciate and enjoy the Christmas festivals.

Some more viewers of the show have commented on the show’s sense of humor as it was wrong and some may find it very hilarious. An abstract peruses “A year not at all like some other ever, (barring the final remaining one)… so that to celebrate Netflix carries you Death to 2021, a parody event that recounts the tale of another loathsome year. The landmark narrative style unique blends chronicled film collected from across the year with analysis from invented characters played by a portion of the world’s most cherished actors.

Others, in the meantime, observed the succession entertaining, with some expression it was the ‘best line’ from the entire program. “Eye is screaming, the show is very funny,” another viewer of the show remarked.

Hugh Grant additionally repeats his job as scholarly Tennyson Foss, who, in the initial scene, grumbles about being addressed on his favored pronouns. You can stream Death to 2021 on Netflix now.