Takt Op Destiny Season 2: What Is Known?Release Date? Plot?

Season 1 of the anime Takt Op Destiny ended with the 12th episode and now, fans wonder if the anime series will come back for a season 2? Well, here’s everything we know about the show’s new season and the plot

Ever since the successful completion of the first season of musical science function Takt Opt, fans are eagerly waiting to know updates about season 2. The first season was aired on 6th October 2021 till December 22, 2021, and had 12 episodes in total.

Takt Op Destiny Season 2
Takt Op Destiny Season 2

As of now, there is no official statement from the director or production team regarding season 2 of Takt Op. Destiny.

Takt Op Destiny – Season 1. Are Anime Fans satisfied?

Takt Op Destiny is an anime adaptation of a mobile game or it is in the same universe as a mobile game. It’s set in the future United States after two types of aliens crashed down to Earth on meteors. One is monsters who chase after any form of music and kill everyone in sight and the other are an embodiment of music who form a bond with their human host who directs their actions using a conductor’s baton. There’s a lot of talk about music in the anime, but it is more of a visual aesthetic than a narrative theme. 

Thus the anime’s story is all set in the future, where the earth is overrun by monsters called D2s. The story expresses the fight, despair and love via the help of melancholic music. The visual extravaganza it displayed through its technical brilliance increased its fan base.

The anime fans across the world were thrilled about Takt Op Destiny’s release because of the spectacular animation it promised. And after the conclusion of the first season, anime fans wonder if MAPPA and Madhouse will go for a season 2 of Takt Op. Destiny.

Takt Op Destiny Season 2: Do We Have A Release Date?

This extraordinary musical story from MAPPA Studios caught the attention of anime fans across the world. reports say that the producers are planning for the next season. Then the estimated release date for season 2 of Takt Op Destiny could be around November 2022. Fans are eagerly waiting for an official date declaration.

Takt Op Destiny Season 2: What Is The Plot?

The Takt Op Destiny experience gives a visual treat to the animation fans. It is just a beautifully animated high energy action anime with cool character designs that feel obligated to tell some type of story. The anime was directed by Yuuki Itou

It starts on a high note of introducing a semi-post apocalyptic United States with a massive no-go zone right in the center due to alien infestation. However, the surrounding towns seem to be doing alright. They just can’t play any music or they will get invaded or murdered. The story follows Takt, an antisocial pianist whose father has some vague ties to the whole ordeal. Takt is joined by two companions Destiny, the alien with the tragic past and Anna. destiny acts like a parasite consuming That’s life energy to fight the aliens.

The spectacular animation in Takt Op. Destiny Season 1 presents the great, stylish combat that MAPPA has become synonymous with. The series has many combat sequences which are overflowing with swiftness and power. 

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Each of the Magicarts the series presents brings a unique fighting style with them, keeping many of the combats unique. It explores the different styles of combat these fighters implement in their battles against the D2s.

The other area where the visuals in this show their brilliance are in the design of the Magicarts. Since these are essentially magical beings born of music, the design team does a phenomenal job with these characters’ various looks. Each one delivers a one-of-a-kind fashion that is both eye-catching and often reflective of the character’s personality.

It is expected that season 2 will also maintain the same quality, visual presentation and technical brilliance. The musical theme will also be enhanced more in the next season.

Anime Fans are Waiting for Takt Op. Destiny Season 2

The exciting plot of the anime and the abundance of beautiful music in the picture did their job – after watching the first part of the work, the audience immediately wanted to know if the show would be Takt Op. Destiny Season 2. It’s too early to talk about the exact dates, but fans and critics are making their assumptions and hope to wait for the Season 2 of Takt Op. Destiny.

Takt Op. Destiny- Crew

Directed by   Yūki Itō

Written by     Kiyoko Yoshimura

Music by        Yoshihiro Ike

Studio MAPPA and Madhouse

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