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Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery: Surgically Enhanced?

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery: Surgically Enhanced?
Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery

Given that she continues to look fantastic in her 60s, Suzanne Somers has been the subject of persistent plastic surgery rumours in Hollywood.

Somers, who was born in San Bruno, California, in 1946, first found success with appearances in television comedies including Three’s Company (1977–1981) and Step by Step (1991–1998).

In addition to endorsing goods like the Thigh Master, Somers is also an author who has written books on health and wellbeing.

Although it would be reasonable to assume that someone in Somers’ position would be able to maintain her youthful appearance by a healthy diet and regular exercise, many people have accused her of being a plastic surgery star.

suzanne somers plastic surgery
suzanne somers plastic surgery

Has Suzanne Somers had Cosmetic Surgery?

Somers has earned notice for her remarkably youthful, if not a little too tight, appearance, even if other celebrities may currently be dominating the tabloids.

Since there has been no official word on whether or not Somers has had plastic surgery, fans are forced to pore over every before-and-after photo of her they can get their hands on in an effort to spot any telltale indications.

Moreover, there are visible indicators. Somer’s nose is noticeably different from when she was younger, her face is smooth but a little tight, and her lips no longer appear to have the same sharp definition they once did.

None of this proves, of course, that Somers has been the victim of botched plastic surgery; on the contrary, it appears to have had the desired effect, if any procedures were done at all. Nonetheless, the dispute continues.

suzanne somers plastic surgery
suzanne somers plastic surgery

Suzanne’s Before and After Pictures?

A panel of plastic surgeons was asked for their thoughts on Suzanne’s photos, which may be interpreted as documenting the effects of cosmetic surgeries.

Both Dr. Jennifer Walden and Dr. Paul Nassif, two experts in the field of plastic surgery, have provided their thoughts to Make Me Heal, and their assessments of the surgeries that are most likely in Somers’ future are different.

A face or brow lift, lip plumpers, cheek fillers, and possibly fat grafts to maintain smooth skin are all on the list, as are these doctors’ recommendations.

Because Somers was already very attractive, these surgeries serve more as preventative maintenance, slowing the effects of ageing.

Since Somers hasn’t confirmed or denied the claims about her plastic surgery, experts are your best bet if you want to make an educated guess based on images alone.

Remember that these are not hard and fast facts, but rather the opinions of surgeons and experts. Although rumours about Suzanne Somers’ plastic surgery are common in newspapers even now, no official statements or admissions have been made to corroborate or reject the claims.

Do you think Suzanne Somers has had plastic surgery?  Leave a comment below to let us know.

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