Christina Milian Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos


A few years ago, the revelation of Christina Milian’s plastic surgery made headlines everywhere. The singer got breast implants and a nose operation. In addition, she just came clean about getting a butt implant to make her butt look bigger and sexier. The actress has made no secret of the fact that she has had cosmetic surgery.

In spite of reaching middle age, American singer, songwriter, and actress Christina Milian, 34, maintains a stunning appearance. She has also had breast implants and a rhinoplasty, all of which were performed several years ago, but she just revealed in an interview that she consulted with a surgeon in Beverly Hills about getting butt implants.

Breast Implant

Christina Milian plastic surgery for breast implant had done some years ago. Christina Milian herself admit the rumour. She feels the need to look sexier and hotter by increasing her bust size through boob. In her latest images noticed that she appears great with stunning measurement and enormous breast size. She has 34B bra size presently.

Christina Milian Plastic Surgery
Christina Milian Plastic Surgery

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Dr. Michael Salzhauer has admitted to performing rhinoplasty, often known as a nose operation, on a number of actresses. He made the remark, “Christina Milian looks like she underwent Rhinoplasty to define her nose.” It’s a small tweak, but it does wonders for her appearance. She is stunning as is, and she seems neither to have had nor to require any further cosmetic treatments at this time.

Butt Implant

Butt implants are another kind of plastic surgery that Christina Milian has gotten. She decided to get butt implant surgery so that she would be more sexually alluring. And she understood. Take a look at her now—her butt is bigger than ever, making her look even sexier and hotter.

Plastic Surgery

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