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Home Local Suspect of attempted murder Foster is now dead

Suspect of attempted murder Foster is now dead

Suspect of attempted murder Foster is now dead

GRANTS A PASS Ore. Officials confirm via Newswatch12 the death of Benjamin Foster has died.

At 10:33 pm , police confirm that the suspect in the attempted murder is dead at the hospital because of self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Grants Pass Police Department (GPPD) states, “After a several hour long standoff, Benjamin Foster is in custody. A press conference is scheduled to be held next week with additional details.”

Suspect of attempted murder Foster is now dead

NewsWatch12 was able to confirm the reports that Foster was dead.

At 8:12 pm, the GPPD issued an advisory note: “

ALL CLEAR. The Police operation near Shane Way and Sun Glo Drive has been cancelled. continue normal activities. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Grants Pass police dispatched en large numbers this afternoon to the area where an unconscious woman was discovered last week. They were searching for the suspect who allegedly beat and tortured her to unconsciousness.

The police reported this evening that they’d found the 36 year old Benjamin Foster of Wolf Creek under the house where she was assaulted. GPPD had surrounded the home and blocked the area during a standoff between police and residents which was reported to have ended about 8 pm.

GPPD The Chief of the GPPD Warren Hensman said yesterday in search for Foster, “A man that has shown the horrific actions of violence Foster has committed to date I wouldn’t place any trust in him. It is therefore absolutely crucial to get him in the custody of law enforcement officials, and quickly. It’s crucial to act quickly and we have to take this man into custody and to have him in custody today.”

There was a warrant issued by the police out for Foster’s arrest for kidnapping, attempted murder in addition to assault allegations. GPPD began its investigation and its search for Foster following him as well as his car through Sunny Valley where it says Foster drove his car across an embankment to demolish evidence from the criminal case.

Police K9s spotted his tracks on Thursday night. Police took the car off the road and searched for Foster until they finally found him on the morning of.

GPPD was involved with in the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the investigation yesterday.

The NewsWatch12’s Brett Taylor noted during live coverage of the evening news that an ambulance arrived just before 5 pm in the course of an emergency response on the scene, which is near Shane Way and Sun Glo Drive. Police had tracked Foster close to the home, which was believed to be the scene of the crime.


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