How To Call Someone Straight To Voicemail

Sometimes due to the circumstance you may need to avoid making the important calls and prefer leaving the voicemail but do you know that you can call someone straight to voicemail other than making a call which may not provide you the option to leave the voicemail. Yes, you heard it right that you can call somebody straight to voicemail.

We’ve found numerous techniques to sidestep those problematic telephone discussions, permitting you to just leave a voicemail and continue. Let’s find out how to call straight to voicemail.

Call Someone and Go Straight to Voicemail

 Straight To Voicemail

Remote carriers give their endorsers the choice to send voicemail straightforwardly without ringing the other partisan divisions. This by and large is just accessible assuming the two players are on a similar carrier, yet when it’s free it’s really simple.


For sending voicemail straightforwardly to another AT&T supporter:

  1.       Enter the phone voicemail box by pressing the ‘1’ key and pressing 2.
  2.       Now, enter a 10-digit number for sending the voicemail message.
  3.       Record the message and then press # sign, replay message press 1.
  4.       If you need to choose an extraordinary conveyance choice, press 1. Unique conveyance choices are:

O       2 for Urgent.

O       3 for Private.

  1.       Press # to send a message.


To send a phone message straightforwardly to another Verizon endorser:

  1.       Enter or call the number which needs to send the voicemail.
  2.       Press 2 for the message.
  3.       Follow the directions provided, you’ll either record the message or afterward enter the telephone number or the opposite way around.
  4.       Set your conveyance choices: 1 for private, 2 urgent, 3 to request affirmation or 4 for future message delivery.
  5.       Press # for sending a message.


To send a phone message straightforwardly to another T-Mobile endorser:

  1.       [email protected] 1-805-637-7243.
  2.       Log in to the voice message account.
  3.       Select the choice to communicate something specific and follow prompts.


Send voice messages straightforwardly to other Sprint users:

  •       1.       Call your voicemail number and then sign in to the account.
  •       2.       Select the choice to communicate something specific and follow prompts.

Alternate Ways to Straight to Voicemail

 Straight To Voicemail

In the event that you’re not on a similar carrier as the individual you need to call, the following most ideal choice is to utilize an application.

There are two famous applications to play out this assistance: Slydial and WhatCall.

While Slydial is a market leader, it’s since been overwhelmed with poor reviews regarding service issues. WhatCall kept on working for a period, however as of February 2021, likewise has all the earmarks of having significant issues and is just working irregularly.


Slydial is an application that is accessible for the two iOS and Android. Free records are accessible yet they expect you to pay attention to a promotion prior to settling on your decision.

There are two levels of paid accounts, giving you promotion free access, the capacity to “Slydial” different individuals at the same time, and other premium elements. For the vast majority, the free form is completely sufficient.

This is the way to utilize the assistance:

  1.       Download and introduce Slydial onto your telephone.
  2.       Sign up for a record and sign in to the application.
  3.       Dial 267-SLYDIAL from your telephone application on your phone to interface with the help.
  4.       Enter the cell number you are attempting to reach.
  5.       Leave the message.

 Straight To Voicemail

Sly dial possibly works assuming you’re calling a cell phone. Regardless of whether the landline you are attempting to call has advanced voicemail, the application won’t work. In any case, the cycle consequently sidesteps the live line and goes directly to the voice message.


WhatCall is additionally accessible for Android and iOS. The application likewise guides a call to someone else’s voice message without making their telephone ring.

Nonetheless, as of February 2021, commentators share a similar worry as was communicated towards Slydial,  it just works at times. WhatCall imports the user contacts so you should simply open the application and click on the particular contact. From that point, you will be straightforwardly associated with their voice message.

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Final words

By following the techniques given above, you can without much of a stretch send messages straightforwardly to somebody’s voicemail and divert approaching calls to the voice message.