Susan Wojcicki Steps Down As YouTube CEO With Neal Mohan Set To Take Over

Susan Wojcicki Steps Down As YouTube CEO With Neal Mohan Set To Take Over.

In an article shared on the YouTube Official Blog, Susan Wojcicki announced that she would be stepping down as CEO. Wojcicki served as the CEO for the last nine years and worked at parent company Google for 25. Neal Mohan, YouTube’s chief product officer, will replace her.

We’ll discuss changes at YouTube throughout Wojcicki’s tenure as CEO, plus look at the company’s recent financial performance and what shareholders should know moving forward. If you’re interested in investing in tech companies like Alphabet, consider downloading

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Susan Wojcicki steps down

On February 16, Susan Wojcicki announced she’d be stepping down as YouTube’s CEO. This marked the end of 25 years for Wojcicki at YouTube’s parent company, Google. During that time, she co-created Google Image Search, led Google’s first Video and Book search and helped create AdSense.

Wojcicki also wrote to employees that working at the company had felt “exhilarating, meaningful and all-consuming.” Though Wojcicki plans to keep an advisory role across Google and Alphabet, she shared that she’ll be stepping back to focus on her personal life, health and other projects.

Susan Wojcicki Steps Down As YouTube CEO With Neal Mohan Set To Take Over

Wojcicki was Big Tech’s only female CEO, making her departure bittersweet to many. She leaves a mixed legacy with YouTube content creators, many of whom were frustrated by her support for removing dislike buttons from YouTube. Other creators took issue with YouTube’s automated flagging and demonetization policies under her leadership, including many LGBT creators who accused YouTube’s machine-learning technology of bias.

At the same time, Wojcicki took significant steps to combat disinformation on YouTube and helped grow the platform extensively. The number of daily users has approximately doubled since Wojcicki took the helm at YouTube, and new offerings like a music streaming service and YouTube TV have increased its range of content.


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