How to Change or Delete Snapchat Best Friends List

Numerous individuals, especially teenagers, use Snapchat as their primary social media site. It records your connections and creates the Snapchat Best Friends List in the Send To option. However, many snapchatters want to alter or cancel the best friends list. So, study this post attentively to learn steps to modify or erase your Best Friends list in your Snapchat app. 

Get the Idea About Snapchat Best Friends List

Generally, Snapchat is used to transmit and receive photos from the connections. The app enables friends to have direct communication with each other. After several conversations happen, you may recognize a few emoticons next to your connections’ titles. These are your Best Friends on Snapchat.

Snapchat Best Friends List

Your Best Friends on Snapchat are the ones with whom you share snaps constantly. But you may not regard these same folks to be your actual friends. Because you convey videos or pictures with them frequently, Snapchat fixes them as your best friends. 

You do not choose who should be on the Snapchat Best Friends List. Snapchat creates that list for you. You can significantly affect who must be your best buddy. 

Thus, forward more snaps to those people and invite them to communicate more pictures to you. Attempt this trick a few times. It will compel Snapchat to calculate your current engagement routines.

Understand the Meaning of Snapchat Scores

Snapchat Best Friends List

The Snapchat app determines the Best Friends list for every user. You may have realized that each user receives a Snapchat Score. It is an overall number of clips or images transmitted and accepted since you started using the app.

Similarly, the personal chats between you and your friends get a comparable rating. The more you converse with a connection, the higher score you earn for your friendship.

Snapchat examines these scores to create your Best Friends list. Finally, it ranks those users as your best friends with whom you interact or share snaps considerably. 

Different Friend Emojis Next to the Snapchat Best Friends List 

Visit the Chat section on Snapchat to notice people with whom you chitchat always. You can scan emojis close to your contact’s names. These icons portray them as your best friends. 

Snapchat Best Friends List

Check out the different emojis and their meaning:

Baby Emoji

Snapchat allocates the baby emoji to portray your new friendship with a connection.

Red Heart Emoji

If you and your contact become best friends over the past two weeks, Snapchat gives red heart emoji.

Gold Heart Emoji

Snapchat gives gold heart emoji if you and your connection share pictures constantly for less than two weeks.

Smile Emoji

If you and your contact share pictures with each other but are not number one pals, Snapchat attaches a smile emoji. 

Double Pink Heart Emoji

Snapchat gives a double pink heart to your contact that becomes your first best friend. Also, if you two share comradeship for two months, a double pink heart is assigned. 

Smiling Faces with Sunglasses Emoji

Snapchat allocates the smiling faces with sunglasses emoji when you and your connection have a joint best mate. 

Fire Emoji

Snapchat provides the fire icon for its Snapstreak option. Here, it adds the fire emoji if you and your connection share pictures (no chatting) for at least three successive days. 

Grimacing Face Emoji

When you and your friend have a reciprocal number-one bosom buddy, Snapchat adds a grimacing face icon.

Smirking Face Emoji

When you become the best friend of one of your contact but not the same thing happens from the other side, Snapchat provides smirking emoji.

Snapchat Best Friends List – Number of Best Friends Allowed

The Snapchat Support Page mentions that you can only have up to 8 close buddies in one go. Here, it includes persons with whom you engage more in group conversations. The best friends list changes constantly on Snapchat. The list determines the friends you would like to socialize with frequently.

Snapchat Best Friends List – Method to Change or Delete It

Snapchat does not allow snapchatters to edit connections within the best friends checklist. Still, you may follow the given hacks to modify your best friends on Snapchat:

  1. Lower Level of Connection

Firstly, you may try reducing your degree of communication with your connections. Eventually, those people will fade away from your closest pals list. 

  1. Enhance Interaction with Other Contacts

Secondly, you can maintain frequent communication with your current Snapchat best friends. But you have the choice to replace them. For that, raise your amount of interaction with your other connections.

  1. Prevent Snaps Sending or Receiving

Thirdly, you may halt sharing snaps with anyone on the Snapchat Best Friends List. Instead, make contact with others more than your earlier connections. Consequently, your existing best friends inventory will cease to exist. Also, it may be get modified in less than a day.

  1. Block & Unblock Connections

Lastly, you may remove a contact from the Best Friends list by blocking and then re-open them on Snapchat. This process refreshes the Snap score. It establishes whether a particular connection is your best mate on the Snapchat app or not.

Snapchat Best Friends List – Is it Visible to Other Users?

Snapchat Best Friends List

Snapchat past editions allowed other users to observe your best friends list. Similarly, you had the opportunity to view the best pals of your connections. 

Now, the modern updates of the Snapchat app make this feature nearly impossible. Nobody else can see your closest friends. It could be detrimental or helpful.

The positive aspect is that no connection of yours can determine with whom you chat the most. 

The minus point is that the friend emojis no longer disclose your friendship with a contact on Snapchat. It makes you rethink which connection is substituting you in their best buddies list. 

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The Bottom Line

In short, changing or deleting your Snapchat Best Friends List is not permissible. Still, you may utilize the above four methods to rework your best buddies. Also, do not panic if you are not the best pal of a Snapchat user. Remember Snapchat never considers the number of text messages or one-on-one conversations between two users. Sometimes, you do not have a high level of interaction with a contact on Snapchat. It does not necessarily indicate that you both are not good friends in reality.