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The Reason Climate Crisis Is Also a Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health Crisis – For some of us the mere mention of those words can trigger an emotional response within your body. Maybe you’re feeling anxious, fearful, or the overwhelming desire to contemplate anything else. This is a significant signal to know that climate change affects our mental health directly as well as indirectly.

Mental Health Crisis

As environmental changes continue to occur the mental health experts are sounding the alarm and it’s time to pay attention. Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health Crisis

If you’re experiencing anxiety and stress, you’re not the only one. In 2021 the American Psychological Association released an updated report in conjunction with the non-profit EcoAmerica and EcoAmerica, which highlights the dangers of climate change on mental health. In June 2022 the World Health Organization launched a policy note which urged nations to integrate the mental health of their population in their responses to climate change. Mental Health Crisis

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The world’s population is being stressed, anxious and sad, even despairing and hopeless, with more than three-quarters Americans “concerned” regarding climate changes, and more than 25 “alarmed” nearly more Mental Health Crisis than double that of 2017 as per this APA report.

The issue of mental health is only one aspect of the many expenses resulting from the global climate catastrophe. While it may seem less significant in the wake of loss of homes, food shortages , and new illnesses, we overlook the issue at our own risk.

Physical and mental health are inextricably connected and psychological health is a key factor in the way people behave Mental Health Crisis (or aren’t) when faced with issues such as climate change.

“Climate change is among the most pressing issues facing our nation and the entire world currently, and it’s already causing a massive impact in the health and mental wellbeing of individuals all over the world,” Arthur C. Evans Jr. who is the chief executive officer of the APA announced in the press announcement. Mental Health Crisis

“Psychology as the discipline of behavior will be crucial in making the massive modifications that are essential to slow down -and, we hope end — the progress of climate change.”

By Kevin Bonner

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