Police fired shots at La Brea, one man was arrested

A La Brea rigger has been arrested following shots fired by police officers in Industry Lane, La Brea on Saturday night.

Two members from the South Western Division Task Force PC’s Seecharan and Loubon together with WPC Noriega as well as PC Sheppard of the Siparia CID were conducting investigations between 11 and 11:45 at night on Saturday.

One person has been arrested and an investigation is underway following shots fired during an the armed robbery in Carnes Hill

Two men were seen with blue coveralls and the second wearing black pants, a three-quarters and a black vest, standing by the edge of the roadway.

Police fired shots at La Brea one man was arrested

When they were driving slowly by the suspects, police reported that they had seen what appeared like an unloaded gun in the hands of one of the suspects.

Seecharan the driver was able to turn around the vehicle that all the officers were in. When he turned towards the officers shooting, six shots were heard.

Seecheran reacted with fire, firing five rounds of 9mm.

The two men fled in various directions, but police arrested the rigger on Patrick Street.

He was transported into the Fyzabad Police Station where he is being interrogated.

Sgt Manolal, Sgt Manolal, was with detectives from the crime scene PC Moreno and WPC Ashby to the scene where the evidence was taken care of and documented.

Six casings of shells and one 9mm shell casing taken from an official police firearm were found.

The police gun, which contained 12 rounds of 9mm ammunition , was also taken.

Sgt Manolal is still conducting inquiries.


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